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Loading Up Fries in a Whole New International Way

Jun 12, 2018

Loading Up Fries in a Whole New International Way

Maybe it started with the Canadian poutine, or the English gravy on chips, but whatever started the trend, you know loaded fries are here to stay! Here's how popular loaded fries are: In 0.56 seconds, an image search on Google produced 9.8 million images of loaded fries.

With 60% of consumers interested in loaded fries, as well as the new interest in global fusion foods, finding new ways to serve these profit-laden, craveable treats has to be on your to-do list.1

Is there any food that says fun more than fries?

Fries appeal to the kid in all of us, with their crunchy, finger-food nature. Varying cuts, sizes and shapes make them an excellent foil for yes, the ubiquitous ketchup, but almost any other kind of topping.

There's no daypart that can't use loaded fries, especially with an international flare.

  • Breakfast: Eggs benedict fries. Quiche Lorraine fries.

  • Lunch: Carne asada fries. Reuben fries.

  • Dinner: Curried fries. Poutine with barbecued beef.

And that's the deal here: What other dishes can you create out of fries that will make your patrons want to come back again, and bring their friends to share in the fun?

Restaurants are bringing international flavors to fries

Around the US, chefs are bringing more than just bacon and cheese to the fry scene. In Chicago, Au Cheval has a sumptuous fries dish that combines crispy fries with mornay sauce, garlic aioli and a fried farm egg.

"We felt it was a natural choice for a meal like brunch – an eggy twist on classic fries! Patrons love the cheese sauce and the runny eggs—two variations on the theme of smooth, rich, and delicious," says a restaurant spokesperson. "It's proven extremely popular. In fact, guests order the mornay fries as often as they do the regular fries!"

Check out more international fries at restaurants around the US:

  • In Atlanta, Illegal Food is serving Japanese Okonomiyaki fries, featuring a sauce by the same name and bonito flakes.

  • Palak paneer fries, why not? In Portland, the Potato Champion serves fries in this Indian spinach and cheese dish.

  • Saucy Porka in Chicago serves curried sweet potato fries, spicy and sweet.

  • Mapo tofu chili cheese fries at King Noodle in Brooklyn, NY, takes a spin on a traditional Chinese tofu dish.

  • In Houston, check out the Coreanos Korean-Mexican fusion food truck for play-on-words kim cheese fries.

  • And in New York, New York, of course, there are the s'mores fries at Sticky's. The Finger Joint. Yes, you got that right… s'mores! An American classic.

The sky is the limit

And over-used phrase, perhaps, but in this case, it's true! Fries can be the basis for any kind of dish you can conceive, especially using the array of global flavors trending in the US today.Simplot's executive chefs have been busy, creating on-trend recipes you can put on your menu easily:

  • Stir-Fried Fries, teriyaki-style, featuring flank steak, Simplot's Roasted Red Peppers and Skin On Shoestring fries make a main dish loaded with flavor and style.

  • Papas Locas Tomatillo Loaded Fries, with extra-crunch MegaCrunch fries, tomatillo sauce, chicharrones, Simplot's Flame-Roasted Corn and Jalapeño blend, topped with our Western Guacamole for a "crazy potato" appetizer.

  • Papas Locas Corn Loaded Fries, also with extra-crunch MegaCrunch fries, but with crema, chamoy sauce, Simplot's Flame-Roasted Corn and Jalapeño blend and our Western Guacamole for an appetizer or vegetarian main dish.

  • Japanese Fries, with crispy, golden lattice fries topped with ground beef in a tangy ginger-soy dipping sauce, tender edamame and cheddar cheese.

International fries offer a way to get in on so many trends; international, global fusion as well as loaded fries. Simplot makes it easy with fry styles, shapes, cuts and sizes that will inspire!