Our Customers

The world's most famous restaurant chains. Classic, mom-and-pop operations. Schools and healthcare. Our customers represent every part of the foodservice industry. As a family-owned and -operated business ourselves, we strive to support them all with the same high level of service.

limited service restaurant

Limited Service Restaurant

Limited Service Restaurants are working more creatively than ever to retain patrons, master delivery, and contend with rising labor costs. 

Full Service Restaurant

Full Service Restaurant

When diners sit down for a meal in full-service restaurant, they’re expecting more. More flavor. More creativity.

K-12 foodservice


Our broad portfolio of products makes it easier to offer exciting, on-trend meals and snacks that meet regulatory, budget and labor constraints.

Supermarket Deli

Supermarket Deli

Today’s consumers are turning to the deli for convenient, grab-and-go options and home-meal solutions.

College and University

College & University

Today’s college communities demand a lot from their foodservice programs. Variety. Transparency. Sustainability.

Woman looking at phone in front of laptop - Flex Grid


Your operators expect you to know a lot: their needs, the details on hundreds of products, emerging trends and more.



Choose from nutritious potato, fruit, vegetable, grain and avocado products that will help you exceed patient and resident expectations in any dining format—and savings in the kitchen