Foodservice in 2024: Current State, Trends & Keys for Success

Packed with information and actionable insights, this timely webinar will bring you up to speed on the most important trends shaping everything from ingredients to operations.

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Join Simplot’s Michelle Amundson and Megan Harpell for an in-depth look at the concepts creating value in foodservice and what you can do to be successful.

Start off your year by learning the trends and strategies that could make 2023 your best year yet.

Industry Pressures and Growth Opportunities

Restaurant Trend Outlook for 2022

Emerging Trends for Post-COVID Foodservice

Latest Tips and Advice for Serving Delivery and Takeout Customers

Healthcare Foodservice. Serving Patients on the Front Lines.

College and University Menu development in a grab-and-go and delivery world

Evolving Restaurant Patron Behavior in the Face of COVID-19

Understanding What Your Consumers Want and Expect—Especially Gen Z

Learn the Secrets to Drive Restaurant Visits

Latest Trends In Delivery and Their Impact

The Evolution of Health & Wellness on Foodservice Menus

2019 Top Foodservice Flavors/Foods to Watch and How to Leverage Them

The Foodservice Operator’s Ultimate Guide to Menuing Fries

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