North Pole Update: Crisp Fries Abound

Dec 20, 2021

North Pole Update: Crisp Fries Abound

Just think about how amazing Santa’s reindeer are. It’s not easy to pull Santa’s sleigh around the world at 6,000,000 miles per hour!

As a gesture of gratitude, the elves throw a giant celebration on December 26th for the reindeer and recognize all their hard work. And what do the Terrific Ten get as their reward? French fries! Lots of them. Surprised? Few people know this, but reindeer simply can’t get enough fries, so the elves prepare an elaborate fry buffet.

Of course, not just any fry will work for this occasion, given the location at the North Pole. The chilly conditions require a fry that holds for an extra-long time, so they’re crisp for the whole celebration. This year, the elves went all out to meet the reindeer’s high standards.

As noted last year, the elves love Simplot products and reached out to us to see if we could help. Fortunately, we had the perfect solution: Simplot Delivery+® Fries that stay crisp for up to 40+ minutes! These 12 products, they said, were just what they had been hoping for!

And it’s a good thing they had 12 Simplot Delivery+® Fries to choose from: no two of Santa’s reindeer are alike when it comes to fries. Here are their favorites:

Dasher and Prancer with Crinkle Cut

Dasher & Prancer like to keep it simple but with a crinkle. So you’ll find them hoofing down our Simplot Conquest

Dancer and Vixen with Wedges

Dancer & Vixen can be found stuffing their muzzles with our new Simplot SeasonedCRISP® Delivery+® Savory Battered Fries (30+ minute hold time), especially the Savory Battered 14-Cut Wedge, perfect for snacking and movie marathons.

Comet and Cupid with Lattice

Since Comet never shared Cupid’s sweet tooth, the elves were surprised to find both reindeer practically inhaling Simplot Conquest in loaded fry builds. Cupid’s topping of choice: ice cream. Comet’s? Marinated tri-tip and gorgonzola.

Donner and Blitzen with Slices

Donner & Blitzen go for the Simplot SeasonedCRISP as a tasty alternative to straight cut fries.

Rudolph with sidewinders

Rudolph’s favorite fry, of course, is as unique as he is! His nose blinks red for the one-of-a-kind, spiral shape of SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Junior Cut. You’ll find him at the center of the celebration, gorging himself on the fun-sized Junior Cut in both the Conquest and the SeasonedCRISP Hungry boy.

At the end of the festive evening, the contented reindeer mosey back to their warm, modern stalls in Santa’s welcoming mansion, their furry bellies plump with the crisp, long-holding fries they so adore. Then it’s off to Sleepytown, where they dream the dreams only reindeer who devour fried potatoes can imagine...dreams that stay crisp 40+ minutes. Happy holidays!