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Maximize Your Mother's Day Brunch: Strategies for Restaurants in 2024

May 01, 2024

Maximize Your Mother's Day Brunch: Strategies for Restaurants in 2024

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days for dining out, and brunch is a favored option for families looking to celebrate. A special Mother’s Day brunch boosts your visibility and significantly enhances your revenue potential.

Brunch, a popular mealtime for Mother’s Day celebrations, sees a substantial increase in customer numbers. Restaurants can capitalize on this by offering exclusive menus and premium experiences, leading to higher average spending per customer.

How to prepare for Mother’s Day brunch 2024

Preparation is key to capitalizing on the Mother’s Day brunch rush. Here are actionable strategies to ensure your restaurant is ready to deliver an exceptional experience:

1. Design a special brunch menu

Craft a unique Mother’s Day brunch menu that includes both innovative and classic dishes. Highlight seasonal ingredients and offer à la carte and prix fixe options to cater to diverse preferences. This menu should be the centerpiece of your promotions, enticing customers with mouthwatering descriptions and beautiful imagery.

Here are a few popular Simplot products to offer with unique flavors and easy prep:

Maple City™ Waffle-Flavored Waffle Bites: With their gently sweet maple flavor, these crinkle-cut potato triangles are perfect as a side dish or a base for more elaborate creations. Consider serving them with a topping bar featuring options like maple syrup, fresh berries, or whipped cream for a customizable experience.

Maple City™ Waffle-Flavored Waffle Fries: These can serve as an unexpected side to traditional brunch fare like Eggs Benedict, adding a crunchy texture to the dish and rich, maple flavor. Transform these into a brunch staple by pairing them with savory dips such as warm cheese sauce or a spicy aioli.

Simple Goodness™ Fruit Raspberries, IQF Crumbles: These ruby-red drupelets are ideal for adding a fresh burst of flavor to both sweet and savory brunch items. Sprinkle them over oatmeal bowls, blend them into smoothies, or use them as a vibrant garnish for pancakes and waffles.

RoastWorks® Baby Bakers™ Roasted Potatoes: Offer these as a hearty, comforting side that complements any brunch main. Their roasted, savory flavor pairs well with both egg dishes and lighter salad options. Consider seasoning them with herbs and a touch of sea salt for an extra flavor boost.

2. Ensure adequate staffing

Properly managing the operational aspects of your restaurant during the Mother’s Day brunch is crucial for ensuring that everything runs smoothly, from kitchen efficiency to customer satisfaction.

Adequate staffing levels: Ensure you have sufficient staff on duty to handle the increased number of guests. This includes additional servers, kitchen staff, and support roles such as hosts and bus persons.

Special training: Conduct special training sessions for your staff focusing on the unique menu items for Mother’s Day. Make sure your team is also well-versed in upselling and providing exemplary customer service.

Menu simplification: Consider simplifying the day's menu to focus on high-demand items that can be prepared efficiently. This will reduce kitchen stress and customer wait times.

3. Ramp up your marketing efforts

Effective marketing and strategic promotions are vital to maximizing attendance and enhancing the success of your Mother’s Day brunch. Here are several approaches to ensure your restaurant stands out and attracts new and returning customers for this special occasion.

Start Early with Marketing Efforts

Pre-launch teasers: A few weeks in advance, begin teasing your Mother’s Day brunch on social media and through email newsletters. Use appetizing photos of the special dishes to build anticipation.

Social media campaigns: Utilize all your social media platforms to promote the event. Share posts highlighting the menu, special features like the photo booth, and any unique aspects of your brunch. Learn how to use AI to write your restaurant’s social media posts faster.»

Engage with food bloggers and influencers: Partner with local food bloggers and influencers to promote your brunch. Invite them for a tasting and encourage them to share their experiences with their followers.

Special Offers and Packages

Early bird discounts: Offer discounts for customers who book their tables early. This encourages early reservations and helps you manage planning and staffing more effectively.

Family packages: Create special packages that offer value, such as a set menu for a family of four at a fixed price. This can be particularly attractive for families looking to celebrate together without the hassle of ordering individually.

Gift cards and vouchers: Promote the sale of gift cards leading up to Mother’s Day, suggesting them as gifts. Offer a small discount or bonus with each gift card purchase to encourage sales. Learn how to leverage restaurant gift cards.»

Local Partnerships

Collaborate with local businesses: Partner with local florists or gift shops to offer combined packages or cross-promotions. For example, anyone who buys a Mother’s Day bouquet could receive a discount at your brunch.

Community events: Participate in local community events or fairs as a way to promote your Mother’s Day brunch. Offering sample tastes from your menu can drive interest and bookings.

Leveraging Customer Loyalty

Email marketing: Send out targeted emails to your existing customer base with a personal invitation to book a table for Mother’s Day. Highlight any loyalty rewards or special benefits for returning customers. Learn how to create better restaurant loyalty programs.»

Feedback and referrals: Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and refer friends with a referral discount or benefit, which could be used during the Mother’s Day brunch.

Visual and Written Content

High-quality imagery: Invest in professional photography for your dishes, especially those that feature special menu items. High-quality images are more appealing and effective online.

Compelling descriptions: Craft compelling, descriptive content about your menu items and the overall dining experience. Highlight the unique aspects of your offerings and the cozy ambiance you provide. Learn how to write compelling menu descriptions faster with AI.

4. Prepare for all service options

While focusing on dine-in, don’t overlook customers who prefer takeout or delivery. Offer a special takeout/delivery menu for Mother’s Day brunch to ensure you cater to all customer preferences.


Special takeout menu: Create a simplified version of your Mother’s Day menu that is optimized for to-go orders. Ensure that these dishes maintain their quality when transported. Learn how to create a better takeout menu.»

Efficient packaging: Invest in high-quality packaging that not only preserves the food’s temperature and texture but also aligns with the festive theme of the day. Learn more about meal packaging options.»

Easy ordering process: Streamline the ordering process through your website or a mobile app. Ensure that the takeout option is clearly visible and accessible. Learn more about restaurant app design.»

Designated pickup zones: Set up a specific area for takeout pickups to avoid disrupting the dine-in service. Consider staffing this area separately to manage the flow efficiently. Ensure that the takeout option is clearly visible and accessible. Learn how to set up your operation for takeout/delivery.»


Special instructions: Provide clear instructions to both your kitchen staff and the delivery teams to ensure that orders are handled correctly. This includes information on food allergies, the correct handling of dishes, and ensuring that all parts of the order are included.

Promote delivery services: Highlight the availability of delivery on your website and through social media. Consider offering a discount for first-time delivery customers to encourage trials.

Make mom’s special day something she won’t forget

Mother’s Day brunch is an invaluable opportunity for restaurants to shine and build lasting relationships with patrons. By implementing these strategies, your restaurant can make the most of Mother’s Day 2024, ensuring both immediate profitability and long-term customer loyalty. Start your preparations now to craft an unforgettable Mother’s Day brunch experience.