5 Elf-Approved Recipes for the Holidays

Dec 17, 2022

5 Elf-Approved Recipes for the Holidays

Think about Santa's workforce at the North Pole. The elves work so hard making Christmas presents that we always make sure to some treats of gratitude. But first, we needed to find out which recipes they love the most. So we reached out to the Big Man in Red, Santa, to get the skinny. Here are the top 5 recipes the elves enjoy during the holidays.

1. How Sugarplum breaks her fast

Sugarplum has always been a huge fan of breakfast. She believes the sweeter, the better and always starts her day with French toast. As an extra-special touch, Sugarplum adores adding some  Simplot Simple Goodness™ Fruit Triple Berry Blend on top. Her idea was the inspiration behind our  French Toast BakeSee the recipe ›


2. For Herman, there's no thawing allowed

All the elves like cold weather, but Herman LOVES sub-zero temperatures. Sometimes he'll even stand outside in the freezing snow, drinking cold-brew coffee! He never understood why people prefer hot beverages that ruin the joy wintry weather brings. No surprise, Herman's favorite treats are frozen, so you bet he loves Avocado and Banana Ice CreamSee the recipe ›


3. This elf runs hot and cold

Augustus is one complicated elf. Sugarplum says he’s strange because Augustus actually likes summer. But don't be fooled: Augustus also loves the cold—what elf doesn’t? It's just that he's always had a soft spot for sunny days and healthy meals, too. His favorite dish is Roasted Corn and Summer Squash Pizza. Just enough unique flavors and summer vibes to get him through the dark days of winter. See the recipe ›


4. Cookies or fries? Yes

Pixie's elf outfit has tons of pockets, so she can carry candies and Oreos wherever she goes. Whatever the meal, she usually sprinkles some marshmallows on top! So it's a given that Pixie’s favorite recipe is the Fries and Oreo™ Cookie Skillet. It combines crispy Conquest® Delivery+® Clear Coat Lattice Cut Fries with ice cream, Oreos and a crown of marshmallows. See the recipe ›


5. Stay crisp and carry onKrispie certainly lives up to his name; all of his favorite eats are crisp. For example, he loves french fries—the more unique the shape, the better. So naturally he likes Junior Cut Simplot SIDEWINDERS™ Fries featuring Conquest® Delivery+® Brand Batter. They stay crisp up to 40 minutes, so they're perfect for his all-time favorite recipe: Fondue and Fries. And he's not afraid to add some marshmallows to balance the savory flavors. See the recipe › 

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays

At Simplot, our mission is to help feed the world, including Santa's elves, of course. After working their little, elven hands to the bone, they turn to these recipes for the ultimate comfort. Be wise like the elves: try them at your restaurant or use them at home to delight the family. Have a very merry holiday!