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Simplot Launches Industry's First Seasoned Fries with 40+ Minute Hold Time

Jan 29, 2021

Simplot Launches Industry's First Seasoned Fries with 40+ Minute Hold Time

Simplot today announced the launch SeasonedCRISP® Delivery+® Fries, the first and only savory-seasoned fries with industry-leading 40+ minute hold time. The new line is designed to give operators four new seasoned-fry choices that stay crisp despite rigors of takeout, delivery and drive-thru dining.

According to researchers at Datassential, 44% of takeout and delivery orders take more than 30 minutes to arrive. Today, soggy fries drive more complaints from delivery customers than any other issue.

The unique batter of Simplot SeasonedCRISP® Delivery+® Fries stays crisp even after 40+ minutes. They can even be reheated at home in a microwave in just 15-20 seconds further extending the delivery window for operators.

“With the stress of the pandemic, our operators can’t afford to disappoint their off-premise patrons,” says Mark McKellar, president of Simplot Foods. “These products make it possible to deliver a satisfying, seasoned-fry experience no matter where their customers are.”

The introduction of Simplot SeasonedCRISP® Delivery+® Fries comes on the heels of last summer’s successful introduction of Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries, a line of six unseasoned cuts that also stay crisp 40+ minutes.

Now, with seasoned and unseasoned options, Simplot offers operators 10 cuts of fries specifically for delivery and takeout.

Seasoned with a savory mix of garlic and onion, Simplot SeasonedCRISP® Delivery+® Fries are a natural choice to offer as a second fry that operators can upcharge for. But, like Conquest Delivery+® Fries, they’re versatile enough to use as a primary fry for off-premise or dine-in orders. This means operators don’t have to stock a separate SKU of delivery fries for off-premise orders, helping them simplify kitchen operations and conserve freezer space.

The new SeasonedCRISP® Delivery+® line includes four popular shapes:

• Savory Battered Straight Cut 3/8", Skin On
• Savory Battered Straight Cut 5/16" x 3/8", Skin On
• Savory Battered Loops, Skin On
• Savory Battered Lattice, Skin On

“Our operators have been demanding new solutions for delivery during the pandemic,” McKellar adds. “These new fries are proof positive that we’re listening.”

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