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Plant-forward Takes Center Plate

Jul 12, 2018

Plant-forward Takes Center Plate

Are you offering enough meat-free alternatives for your patrons?

For most Americans, the idea of choosing to eat plant-forward proteins vs. animal-based proteins isn't an all or nothing proposition. But with the long-term trend toward health and wellness, more of your patrons are considering reducing their consumption of protein from animals, red meat in particular:

  • 45% of consumers believe consuming animal protein is a health concern
  • 26% of consumers said they ate less animal-based protein the last 12 months
  • 60% of millennials consume plant-forward analog meals
  • 34% of consumers eat a vegan meal at least once a week (Datassential SNAP! Keynote, 2018)

And positive experiences with plant-forward proteins in the center of the plate are increasing the dining public's openness to alternatives:

  • 48% of those who consume plant-forward alternatives say they can be just as satisfying as animal-based foods (Datassential SNAP! Keynote, 2018)
  • Veggie sandwiches/entrees have been the strongest growing sandwich/entree protein option over the last five years.

The simultaneous rise of plant-forward superfoods

This shift toward plant-forward proteins coincides with the media-fueled adoption of so called "superfoods," which offer grain, and plant-forward protein along with an impressive array of other essential nutrients.

Superfoods menu penetration (4-year growth):1

• Quinoa +190%
• Brussel sprouts +154%
• Avocado +17%

According to Datassential, 50% of consumers are interested in trying superfoods of grain and plant protein. The incidence of grain bowls has exploded by more than 200% over the last four years alone.

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