Simplot Launches First-Ever, Waffle-Flavored Potato Products

Mar 12, 2024

Simplot Launches First-Ever, Waffle-Flavored Potato Products

Today, Simplot Global Food introduced Simplot® Maple City™ Waffle Flavored Potatoes, the world’s first waffle fry and battered potato bites that taste like waffles.

Made with real maple syrup, Simplot® Maple City™ Waffle Flavored Waffle Fries will accelerate the explosive growth of chicken & waffles on U.S. menus—up 46% over the last four years—by creating a portable solution for quick-serve restaurants (QSR).1

QSR operators can now begin profiting from the chicken & waffles phenomenon by simply adding these fries to the fried chicken, chicken tenders and nuggets they already serve.

Chicken & waffles finally go mobile

In the past, QSR operators have been reluctant to offer chicken & waffles because of the difficulty of eating them on the go, in cars and off-premise. As a result, less than 1% of QSR restaurants currently offer this popular item.1

“This product opens the door to QSR and other operators to capitalize on the chicken & waffles craze at breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night,” said Graham Dugdale, President of Simplot Global Food.“ It’s a great example of innovation to help our customers meet an untapped opportunity.”

Crisp and gently sweet, Simplot® Maple City™ Waffle Flavored Waffle Fries pair effortlessly with chicken and other savory items, offering new possibilities for menu creativity.

Unlike traditional waffles, the new fries require no additional equipment or training and can be prepared in a deep fryer, standard or convection oven. This simplicity makes them a great candidate for limited-time offers (LTOs) as well as everyday use.

Unique, new potato bites for a booming breakfast market

Simplot® Maple City™ Waffle Flavored Waffle Bites represent an exciting new potato option in a breakfast daypart that has seen little innovation in recent years.

Triangular and crinkle-cut, the Waffle Bites create an intriguing visual presentation and satisfy patrons with delicious maple flavor. They’re an ideal accompaniment to eggs and other savory breakfast favorites, yet they’re versatile enough to use in snacks and appetizers around the clock.

The Waffle Bites come on the scene as breakfast is experiencing a strong recovery from the pandemic, accounting for 22% of all restaurant traffic in the first quarter of 2023. Likewise, customers are hungry for breakfast potatoes, with servings up 15.6% over last year.2

“More than ever, restaurant customers are seeking new, interesting flavors. These bites match that trend beautifully,” said Matthew Petersen, Director of Potato Product Marketing at Simplot.

Moreover, 38% of operators report that breakfast potatoes earn the highest margins of any item on their menus.3 The upshot? Having a signature breakfast potato with minimal labor can have a significant positive impact on bottom lines.

Now available exclusively from Simplot

To learn more about Simplot® Maple City™ Waffle Flavored Potatoes, contact your local Simplot sales representative, or visit

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