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How to Kick Up Classic Holiday Beverages This Winter

Nov 16, 2023

How to Kick Up Classic Holiday Beverages This Winter

Give your customers a new reason to visit this winter by rolling out some classic beverages revamped with a twist for the holiday season.

As a restaurant purveyor, you know that profit margins from beverage sales are much higher than food sales, and encouraging customers to belly up to the bar with new and seasonal drinks is a good business decision.

To help you round out your beverage menu this upcoming holiday season, we’ve rounded up some holiday cocktails and seasonal variations for you, including some non-alcoholic options. After all, what would the holidays be without a steaming cup of cocoa or chilled, nutmeg-dusted eggnog?

Old Fashioneds

These are a high-selling, high-margin favorite to have on your menu. Here are some of our favorite ways to dress it up for the holiday season.

Cherry Old Fashioned Smash: If you’ve ever thought that the best part of an Old Fashioned is the cherry topper, this drink is for your bar. Featuring cherries muddled into the drink (in addition to being poured on top), this bright-red cocktail is perfect for the Christmas season. Add a sprig of rosemary for that vibrant red and green effect.

Black Cherry and Hibiscus Old Fashioned: An updated version of a great “old” standby made with sweet, dark cherries, dried hibiscus flowers, piping-hot barley tea, orange bitters and non-alcoholic whiskey.

Spiced Cocktail Cherries from The View From Great Island: Take your Old Fashioned up a notch by making a batch of these spiced cocktail cherries using Simplot Simple Goodness™ Fruit Dark Sweet Cherries. Already pitted and harvested at the peak of freshness, they make pulling together these boozy, winter-spiced cocktail cherries a breeze. As a bonus, make small jars available for guests to purchase and take home with them!


Sparkling cocktails deserve a permanent place on your cocktail list. They're a snap to pull together, always a hit, and easy on your bottom line.

Fuji Apple Fizz: Non-alcoholic drinks continue to rise in popularity, and having a few options on your menu is always a good idea. Celebrate the season with this sparkling Fuji Apple Fizz featuring  Simplot RoastWorks® RTE Flame-Roasted Fuji Apples. Bright and lightly spiced, it’s a lovely refresher for before or after a meal.

Raspberry Mimosa: Fancy and fizzy, this festive beverage is the perfect choice for any celebration. Featuring our ruby-red Simplot Simple Goodness™ Fruit Raspberry Crumbles—the perfect companion to crisp, sparkling wines. Enjoy!

Sparkling Rosemary Berry Sangria: A refreshing, vibrant combination of sparkling white wine, sugar, agave nectar (or honey), fresh sprigs of rosemary and Simplot Simple Goodness™ Fruit Pacific Berry Blend.

Hot Toddies

What better way to stay cozy when the temperature dips than with a cup of steaming spirits? Each of the recipes below stands up to the cold and warms to the bone with holiday cheer.

Blueberry and Ginger Hot Toddy: You’ve never thought about pairing whole blueberries and grated ginger in a hot beverage? This mocktail will have you rethinking. With green tea, non-alcoholic whiskey and fresh mint, it’s a welcome addition to any seasonal menu.

Apple Brandy Hot Toddies by Food & Wine: Make your own in-house apple brandy with our RoastWorks® RTE Flame-Roasted Fuji Apples to increase the appeal and margin on this cocktail. Customers love in-house creations, and this flame-roasted apple brandy is delicious!

Blueberry Hot Toddy: Mix cinnamon simple syrup, lemon, blueberries and bourbon for a savory-sweet warming drink to hold close during colder months. Top each drink off with a cinnamon stick and a rosemary sprig for that holiday feel featuring Simplot Simple Goodness™ Fruit Blueberries.

Holiday Specials

There are some seasonal holiday flavors you simply have to have on your bar menu, even if only for a limited time. 

Eggnog by the Food Network: This rich and creamy bourbon drink still has adults ordering it from Thanksgiving to New Years. Make sure they have the option when visiting your restaurant to indulge in this sinfully rich holiday treat.

Vanilla and Maple Horchata : Take a traditional Mexican Horchata and make it your own using brown rice and almond milk. The result is a creamy, not-too-sweet, plant-based toddy with a touch of vanilla fizz and Mexican chocolate.

White Chocolate Raspberry Iced Coffee: Rich brewed coffee topped with creamy coconut-strawberry foam, Simplot Simple Goodness™ Fruit Raspberry Crumbles and Ruby chocolate.

Whatever you decide to feature on your bar menu this winter, make sure to optimize your profit margins by utilizing flavored simple syrups, fruit punches, and festive garnishes. You'll build your bottom line while giving your customers something new and fun to try.

Cheers to a lucrative holiday season!