Flavored Avocado Spreads: How to Make Limited-Time Offers More Popular and Profitable

May 15, 2024

Flavored Avocado Spreads: How to Make Limited-Time Offers More Popular and Profitable

In the battle for traffic and revenue, restaurants have made limited-time offers (LTOs) a staple of their marketing and promotion. Sixty-one percent see LTOs as profit centers for their business, and it’s easy to see why.

In a month with a successful LTO:1

  • 33% of operators reported traffic grew from 11-25%
  • 8% saw traffic gains greater than 25%
  • 39% reported an increase of 11-25% in revenue
  • 7% enjoyed revenue boosts greater than 25%

Clearly, customers are excited about new items: 65% of consumers were motivated to visit an operator specifically to order an LTO within the past month.2 But they’re also excited about new flavors. A recent report from Datassential bears this out:3

  • 59% of consumers indicate they will initially visit and return to a restaurant that offers new and unique flavors
  • 39% of consumers expect operators to offer signature flavors they can’t get anywhere else

So, for restaurants, the pressure is on to come up with new LTO ideas that connect with consumers—but without blowing up food costs or slowing down operations.

The good news? Simplot has created a new line of flavored avocado spreads for exactly this challenge.

What are Simplot’s flavored avocado spreads?

Simplot® Harvest Fresh® Flavored Avocado Spreads are one-of-a-kind mashups of Mexican avocado and chef-inspired ingredients. By leveraging the extraordinary popularity of avocado and on-trend flavors, these spreads add menu appeal and perceived value to LTOs of all kinds.

The line launched in May with two flavors (a third will arrive this fall):

Simplot® Harvest Fresh® Dill Pickle Flavored Avocado Spread
This unexpected pairing transforms your everyday burgers, chicken sandwiches, and wraps into something truly crave-worthy. Avocado’s mild, buttery flavor beautifully balances the tangy zest of dill pickle seasoning.

Simplot® Harvest Fresh® Cucumber Tzatziki Flavored Avocado Spread
Use this innovative spread to add refreshing flavor and pricing power to everything from Mediterranean items to wraps, bowls and pitas. Fresh diced cucumber provides a satisfying crunch while the tangy, garlicky, slightly tart taste of tzatziki cuts nicely against the richness of the avocado.

These spreads also double as tasty dips. Look for Simplot® Harvest Fresh® Everything Bagel Flavored Avocado Spread coming this fall.

Pricing power: The avocado advantage in limited-time offers

According to Datassential, 63% of consumers love or like avocado.4 U.S. imports of Mexican avocado grew to more than 1.1 million tons in 2023, up 19% in a single year.5 Despite this, avocado is only on 46.8% of menus today, suggesting significant unmet demand.6

Moreover, when customers come across avocado at restaurants, they’re willing to pay a premium for it. LTOs featuring avocado command a 14% higher price than LTOs without avocado.7

Avocado Pricing Premium in LTOs8

Avocado Pricing Premiums in LTOs

Beyond great flavor, these avocado spreads bring menu appeal and profitability to operators pressed by shrinking margins.

Easy to prep, hard to waste

Like all Simplot® Harvest Fresh® frozen avocado products, these spreads are a breeze to work with. Unlike whole fruit, there’s no peeling, pitting or mashing; there are no overripe or underripe fruit. Just thaw and serve. Made exclusively from Mexican Hass avocado, you can count on premium taste and texture that’s consistent day after day.

Waste is also reduced thanks to convenient 1 lb. bags and long shelf lives: 10 days refrigerated and 18 months frozen. Compare that to roughly 50% yield loss with whole avocados.

Versatility across the menu

Simplot® Harvest Fresh® Flavored Avocado Spreads add unique, satisfying flavor in a wide range of recipes, from breakfast sandwiches to late-night snacks. Here are a few recipes to consider:

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Dill Avocado, Slaw and Fries
Indulge your customers with this Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. It’s irresistibly crispy, zesty and packed with flavor.
View Recipe »

Greek Gyro Wrap with Cucumber Tzatziki Avocado
This gyro features the perfect blend of traditional flavors with a delightful twist, making it an excellent addition to your sandwich menu.
View Recipe »

Smoked Salmon Charcuterie Board
Looking to add some flair to your breakfast or brunch spread? This smoked salmon charcuterie board has a little something for everyone.
View Recipe »

Greek Fries with Cucumber Tzatziki Avocado
A lighter version of loaded fries, these are different and delicious. You’ll definitely have customers coming back for more.
View Recipe »

You’re one spread away from a delicious LTO

Despite avocado's popularity, avocado product suppliers have been slow to innovate. The truth is avocado can be far more than base for guacamole or toppings on a salad. Simplot® Harvest Fresh® Flavored Avocado Spreads spark creativity with delicious, new ways to satisfy your customers, generate higher profits and keep people coming back.

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