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4 Hot Menu Trends for Fall 2018

Aug 01, 2018

4 Hot Menu Trends for Fall 2018

As seasons change, so do the trends in foodservice. Thankfully, our Simplot Culinary Team was busy over the summer, pinpointing the latest menu trends and coming up with their own list of recommendations to help you stay on par with your off-campus competition. Click on each video for a quick discussion of the factors driving these trends, as well as a cool recipe idea.

1) Roasting and Charring Are Getting Hot
Simplot Executive Chef Michael Zeller explains the growing appeal of roasted and charred menu items.
Why it's on trend:
• Charred menu incidence since 2013 +117% 1
• Fire-roasted menu incidence since 2007 +54% 2
• 37% of diners love or like charred items 1
• 56% of diners love or like fire-roasted items 1
• 81% of diners love or like roasting 1
• Roasted vegetable sides command a 32% upcharge versus non-roasted 3
• The median price of charred dishes is up 33% over 4 years 4
• The median price of roasted dishes is up 17% over 4 years 4 

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2) Off-Premise Trend: Holiday Meals to Go
Simplot Director of Culinary and Corporate Executive Chef Dianna Fricke offers advice on preparing holiday meals for takeout and delivery.
Why it's on Trend
• Restaurant-delivered meals are projected to grow 20% by 2022 1
• Seasonal and holiday-themed dishes are among the most popular LTOs offered 2
• Of the top 4 types of LTOs diners are interested in, seasonal dishes/beverages and holiday-themed dishes/beverages rank at #2 and #42
• Delivery is estimated to grow at a double-digit rate in the next five years 3
• Delivered meals (excluding pizza) traffic is forecast to grow 20% by 2022 4

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3) Falling for Soup This Fall
Simplot Executive Chef Roberto Roman shares his insights on the growing popularity of soups and makes one of his own.

Why it's on trend
• 61% of consumers now order soup at least occasionally during restaurant visits, up from 52% just two years ago 1
• Soup grew 22% to surpass salad as the leading appetizer at limited-service restaurants 1
• 79% of consumers love or like soup 2
• Interest in healthy, lighter fare is driving increases for both soup and salad 2

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4) Plant-Based Proteins Reach take Center of the Plate
More patrons are looking for a tasty alternative to meat. Chef Zeller shows how plant-based proteins can be every bit as satisfying.

Why it's on trend
• 45% of consumers believe consuming animal protein is a health concern 1
• 34% of consumers eat a vegan meal at least once a week 1
• 48% of those who consume plant-based alternatives say they can be just as satisfying as animal-based foods 1
• Veggie sandwiches/entre?es have been the strongest growing sandwich/entre?e protein option over the last five years 2
• 40% of diners try to eat healthy but find it too difficult when dining out 3
• One third say nutrition concerns prevent them from dining out more often 3
• 31% of Americans practice meat-free days and 35% get most of their protein from sources other than red meat 4
• About 83% of American consumers say they're adding plant-based foods to their diets 4

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