Our Brands

Some are legendary. Some are new. All are made for the challenges of foodservice.

When your customers fall in love with a dish, consistency is what keeps them coming back. With Simplot Foods, you can count on our brands delivering the same great flavor and colorful presentations, day in, day out—with minimal labor and waste. So let your creativity reign; we have consistency covered.

Our Brands

Simplot Bent Arm Ale® Fries Custom Card

Simplot Bent Arm Ale® Fries

True craft ale makes all the difference

Simplot Conquest®  Delivery+® Fries Custom Card

Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries

Stays crisp. Here. There. Anywhere.

Simplot Conquest® Fries Custom Card

Simplot Conquest® Fries

The standout in takeout.

null Custom Card

Consistent results from frozen or thawed preparation.

Simplot Harvest Fresh™ Avocados Custom Card

Simplot Harvest Fresh™ Avocados

The fruit of inspiration.

Simplot Megacrunch® Custom Card

Simplot Megacrunch®

More flavor. More crunch. More possibilities.

Simplot SeasonedCrisp® Delivery+® Custom Card

Simplot SeasonedCrisp® Delivery+®

Stays crisp. Here. There. Anywhere.

Simplot SeasonedCrisp® Custom Card

Simplot SeasonedCrisp®

Bold variety. Distinctly different.

Simplot Select Recipe® Custom Card

Simplot Select Recipe®

Real sea salt. Simply incredible first bite to last.

Simplot Sidewinders™ Fries Custom Card

Simplot Sidewinders™ Fries

Amazing flavors. Eye-popping appeal.

Simplot Sweets® Fries Custom Card

Simplot Sweets® Fries

Natural appeal. True sweetness.

Simplot Thunder Crunch® Custom Card

Simplot Thunder Crunch®

You can't out-crunch this crunch.

Simplot Traditional Potatoes Custom Card

Simplot Traditional Potatoes

The best formed potatoes, shreds and slices.