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National Salsa Month | National Strawberry Month

May LTO Ideas & Inspiration

Yep, salsa will always be a great companion to chips. But, if you’re looking for an easy way to tweak everyday items into something special for an LTO, adding a salsa is a good bet. Sweet or savory, salsas add fresh flavor and zest to proteins and even desserts. See featured recipes for salsas below, as well as recipes for National Strawberry Month and more.

May is also home to these notable culinary events:

May 2 Custom Card

May 2

National Chocolate Truffle Day

May 5 Custom Card

May 5

Cinco de Mayo

May 13 Custom Card

May 13

National Apple Pie Day

May 14 Custom Card

May 14

Mother’s Day

May 28 Custom Card

May 28

National Hamburger Day

May Featured Products

May Featured Recipes

Avocado Truffles Recipe Card
Avocado Truffles

Balance health and indulgence with dark chocolate truffles made with creamy Harvest Fresh® Avocado Pulp.

Cilantro Lime Beef Taco Bowl Recipe Card
Cilantro Lime Beef Taco Bowl

Bowl up your taco with the amazing taste and texture of Cilantro Lime Rice & Fire-Roasted Corn Fiesta.

Avocado and Fruit Salsa Recipe Card
Avocado and Fruit Salsa

This salsa is great with corn or tortilla chips, but it also makes a refreshing topping for entrées. Try it on a grilled chicken breast or broiled fish fillet. For the best texture, serve this salsa shortly after it's made.

Street Corn Chicken Sandwich Recipe Card
Street Corn Chicken Sandwich

Meal Components: 1/4 cup starchy, 1/4 cup other, 2 oz. eq. whole grain rich, 2 oz. eq. meat/meat alternate

Mango Strawberry Salsa Recipe Card
Mango Strawberry Salsa

Need a little something to brighten up a dish? This easy (and flavorful) salsa might be just the thing!

Deep-Dish Homemade Roasted Apple Pie Recipe Card
Deep-Dish Homemade Roasted Apple Pie

This quick and easy homemade deep-dish apple pie is loaded with RoastWorks® Flame-Roasted Fuji Apples. It will look like you have been baking all day.

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