Health & Aged Care

Delicious, nutritionally balanced ingredients and inspiring menu solutions have been designed specifically for the Aged Care sector.

Helping You in the Kitchen Custom Card

Helping You in the Kitchen

Products That Support You

Our Health & Aged Care team are passionate about helping you deliver great tasting, nutritious and cost-effective meal solutions for your residents. Our trusted products aim to help you in the kitchen, so you can spend more time doing what you value.

Food For Healthy Ageing Custom Card

Food For Healthy Ageing

Expertise to Support Your Needs

Our skilled team of Chefs, Hospitality Specialists and Dietitians have worked to develop solutions that meet the complex requirements of today’s ageing population. We’re expanding our wide range of delicious and inspiring solutions, designed specifically for the Aged Care sector.

Bringing Joy Through Food Custom Card

Bringing Joy Through Food

Passionate About Food

We understand the joy that comes from preparing, cooking and eating great food with those around us. Food is nourishment, not only for the body but also for the soul. Meal times may become more complex as we get older but no matter how old we are, we’ll never lose sight of the happiness that food can bring to both those who cook it and those that enjoy eating it.

Our Principles

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Nutritionally balanced, easy to use range of solutions in convenient formats reducing preparation and clean-up.

icon cost-control

Options that reduce labour costs, wastage, and seasonal variability. Improves yield and inventory management.

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Made in state-of-the-art food processing facilities using the best available ingredients.

icons plant foward

A range of products designed to provide a good balance of protein, starch, and vegetables. Which delivers nutrition, dietary fibre, and antioxidants.

icons problem solve

Solutions to meet cultural, religious, and personal preferences as well as special medical and dietary needs.

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Safety & Reliability

A stringent approach to food production and handling delivers consistent product quality and peace of mind.

Meals Designed For You Primary Card

Meals Designed For You

Expertly crafted by our culinary team with your kitchen in mind.

Red Lentil Dhal Recipe Card
Red Lentil Dhal

A mildly spiced dhal with bite sized vegetables.

Coddled Egg With Mash Recipe Card
Coddled Egg With Mash

Eggs baked in mashed potato and served with Turkish bread.

Creamy Fettuccine Recipe Card
Creamy Fettuccine

Creamy mushroom and asparagus sauce with plant based chicken tossed through fettuccine.

Chicken With Lemon & Herb Sauce Recipe Card
Chicken With Lemon & Herb Sauce

Chicken pieces cooked in a cream sauce with lemon and herbs, served on soft polenta with bite-sized vegetables.

Beef Pie With Pea Mash Recipe Card
Beef Pie With Pea Mash

Individual pies with tender beef in rich gravy topped with mashed potato.