Amazing flavors. Eye-popping appeal.

Twist their expectations.

Treat your customers to a one-of-a-kind fry they’ll love. Simplot SIDEWINDERS™ Fries create unforgettable plate presentations as a side or as a base for popular appetizers. Exclusively from Simplot!

Menu ideas and inspiration

Chips, Fish and Shrimp Combo.jpg
Chips, Fish and Shrimp Combo

SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Junior Cuts paired with Cajun-style fried fish, shrimp and a tasty housemade secret sauce.

Mezze Fries Platter with Hummus and Avocado Labneh.jpg
Mezze Fries Platter with Hummus and Avocado Labneh

If your patrons have been asking for more vegetarian options, here's the perfect platter featuring SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Junior Cuts, veggies, and olives. Delish!

Crispy Fry Flight.jpg
Crispy Fry Flight

SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Junior Cuts served up 3 ways—plain and tossed with spicy and sweet seasonings—then matched up with a trio of tasty dipping sauces. Which one are you going to try first?

Street Corn Chicken Burger.jpg
Street Corn Chicken Burger

Feature this flavor-packed chicken burger as a lunch or dinner special. With guacamole, roasted corn and jalapeño, queso fresco and Tajin aioli on a toasted sourdough bun—it's sure to be total hit! We recommend serving it with Junior Cut SIDEWINDERS™ fries.

Buffalo Vegetable Loaded SIDEWINDERS Fries
Buffalo Vegetable Loaded SIDEWINDERS™ Fries

Need a sneaky way to incorporate vegetables into a tasty dish? This recipe does the trick. There's really no need to hide the veggies though; play them up because these fries are delectable!

Curried Roast Chicken and Chips.jpg
Curried Roast Chicken and Chips

Our version of an English take-away, but with a tasty twist—Simplot SIDEWINDERS™ Fries.

Caraway Reuben Twist.jpg
Caraway Reuben Twist

Enjoy the classic flavors of a Reuben sandwich with a "twist".

Lemon Dill SIDEWINDERS Fries.png
Lemon Dill SIDEWINDERS™ Fries

Spicy Sriracha SIDEWINDERS Fries.jpg
Spicy Sriracha SIDEWINDERS™ Fries

Get bold with your sides or appetizer menu—SIDEWINDERS™ Fries tossed in garlic and red chili flakes. Perfect for dipping in a spicy house-made sriracha sauce.

Curbside SIDEWINDERS Fries Nachos Build at Home Kit.jpg
Curbside SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Nachos Build at Home Kit

A great delivery build for you and your off-premise customers—hot fries and sides packaged separately from the items you want to keep cool. Everyone's happy, just the way you like it.

SIDEWINDERS Fries Breakfast.jpg
SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Breakfast

Throw a little "twist" in your traditional breakfast skillet with SIDEWINDERS™ Fries. It's a fun—and tasty—way to begin the day.

Churro SIDEWINDERS Fries.png

The flavors of a churro treat combined with the twisty goodness of SIDEWINDERS™ Fries.

SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Loaded Chicken Nachos Image
SIDEWINDERS™ Fries Loaded Chicken Nachos

This nacho dish made with SIDEWINDERS™ Fries works as well for your delivery and takeout menu as it does for your in-house option.

Loaded Ghost Pepper Cheese Pork Belly SIDEWINDERS Fries.png
Loaded Ghost Pepper Cheese Pork Belly SIDEWINDERS™ Fries

Don't let the ghost peppers scare you away from this delicious, twisty-take on loaded fries. You can take the heat!

Pork and Smokey BBQ SIDEWINDERS Fries.jpg
Pork and Smokey BBQ SIDEWINDERS™ Fries

Loaded with BBQ flavor, this recipe works well as an entrée, a shareable appetizer, or package the ingredients separately for a perfect delivery kit option.

Zesty Mac & Cheese SIDEWINDERS™ Fries

Taking comfort food "next level" with creamy housemade mac and cheese served over SIDEWINDERS™ Fries, made zesty with Tajin seasoning, lime zest and fresh cilantro.

Pork Tenderloin Mango Skewers with SC JR Buffalos SIDEWINDERS Fries.jpg
Pork Tenderloin Mango Skewers with SeasonedCrisp JR Buffalos SIDEWINDERS™ Fried Potatoes

Sweet, spicy and perfectly dippable. Pair pork mango kebobs and SIDEWINDERS™ Fries with mango chutney and spicy house-made sriracha to give your lunch or appetizer menu a seasonal twist.

Korean Street Cart Fries.jpg
Korean Street Cart Fries

How about trying out this loaded fry dish with an Asian twist? Crispy Junior Cut SIDEWINDERS™ Fries topped with gochujang mayo, fried hot dog, edamame, kimchi, furikake seasonings and fresh cilantro.

Fondue and Fries.jpg
Fondue and Fries

Looking to elevate your fry game? Here's an idea—Crispy Junior Cut SIDEWINDERS™ Fries served with a trio of unique, house-made sauces for dipping—Florentine, French onion, and buffalo cheese—ooh-la-la.

Southern Poutine.jpg
Southern Poutine

A fun take on poutine, combining two kinds of potatoes and traditional toppings with the flavors of a Southern-style BBQ.

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