The Case Against Hand-Cut Fries

Just say no to their high finished cost and soggy delivery performance.

With raw potatoes at only about $0.31 per pound, hand-cut fries would seem to be a better deal than Simplot’s battered and clear-coated fries. They aren’t.

icon higher labor cost
Hand-cut = 10 times more labor

Simplot battered and clear-coated fries require only 1/10th of the prep time of hand-cut fries. With labor costs soaring, this gets very expensive.

icon orange fries $
Hand-cut = 30% lower yield per pound

Simplot battered and clear-coated fries yield 54% more finished fries per pound than hand-cut fries.

Icon Orange Check
Hand-cut = higher oil costs

Simplot battered and clear-coated fries soak up less oil during cooking and their low water content extends oil life.

icons orange delivery fries
Hand-cut = soggy fries for takeout and delivery

Hand-cut fries don’t travel well. Soggy fries are the #1 source of complaints of takeout and delivery customers.

icon Orange Labor
Hand-cut = $2,000+/year in higher costs for the avg. operator

Between labor, oil costs and lower yield, hand-cut fries don’t pencil out. Why pay more for less?

Why Simplot Fries Win Hands Down

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