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Treats To Make This Lunar New Year

Jun 16, 2023

Treats To Make This Lunar New Year

Chinese cuisine is known to carry a plethora of unique flavors. While its braised pork and dim sums are loved by huge parts of the world, its variety of desserts doesn’t stray too far away from the spotlight. If you’re craving some delicious Chinese treats, here are some you can make this Lunar New Year;

close up up Fa gao

Fa gao

This dense and gooey cake is also known as the fortune cake and is eaten to bring prosperity in the coming year. The cake is usually steamed in smaller sizes at high heat. Requiring less than five pantry-friendly ingredients, these cakes are the perfect sweet snack for your reunion dinner.

Almond tofu in a bowl

Almond tofu

Almond tofu is the Chinese version of a delicious panna cotta. It is a breeze to make, you can even add in some fresh fruits for a refreshing treat after all the savory foods you’d have at dinner.

Fried milk piled on plate

Fried milk

You might think frying milk is simply impossible, but it actually is—and it’s delicious too. All you need is milk, cornstarch, sugar, eggs, and some breadcrumbs to make this irresistible pudding bites that will surely finish in seconds.

Polo buns whole and halved

Polo buns

Polo buns are also called pineapple buns because of their resemblance. Though they don’t even contain pineapples, polo buns have a crisp outer and a sweet filling. They may take a little more effort to make, but they are oh-so-worth-it.

variety of Mung bean cake on a plate

Mung bean cake

Mung beans are widely used in Chinese cuisine and are known to protect the body from the summer heat. These beautiful, sweet-filled mini desserts will make a stunning addition to the dinner spread.

close up of Walnut cookies on a plate

Walnut cookies

These crumbly cookies are the perfect alternative if reducing calories is your new year’s resolution. Apart from the flavors of the walnut, they smell irresistible too.