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Easy Halloween DIY

Jun 16, 2023

Easy Halloween DIY

It’s Halloween, and if you’re planning for a party, here’s some easy DIYs to help you and your guests to get into the Halloween spirit. 

rat decals on stairs

Rat-infested staircase 

This DIY only requires black paper, scissors, tape and a printer. Just print out mouse templates onto black paper, and cut with scissors. Tape them onto staircase.

white candles with blood dripping

Bloody candles

Drip red candle wax onto white candles to create this blood-dripped candle. You can even add nails and pins onto them for that extra gory effect.

white chair cover with ghost face

Spooky chair 

DIY décor doesn’t get any easier than this. Take a seat on this spooky chair. Cut out eyes and mouth from black felt and stick onto a white sheet. Then, just drape a white sheet over a rounded dining chair.