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5 Festive Mason Jar Christmas Gifts

Jun 16, 2023

5 Festive Mason Jar Christmas Gifts

Nothing is more heartwarming than making a handmade gift for your loved ones. Here are some ideas to repurpose mason jars and transform them into gifts that everyone will love.

snow globe with reindeer

Winter wonderland snow globes

Bring your winter wonderland to life when you make these adorable mason jar snow globes! Use miniature figurines and toys, pictures, and lots of glitter.

Super glue your centerpiece on the lid of the mason jar, fill the jar with liquid (glycerine works best), then add glitter. Seal the jar with the lid tightly, shake, and watch the glitter fall gracefully on the scene. 

candle floating on cranberries in a jar

Floating candle holders

This gift is practical, beautiful, and keeps the Christmas spirit alive! Use miniature pine trees, mini ornaments, beads or potpourris, and scented floating candles.

Super glue your miniature pine tree at the bottom of the mason jar, fill it with water until nearly full, then add your ornaments. To prepare as a gift, seal the jar tight and pack the candle separately. To use—simply place the candle on top of the floating ornaments, then light it.

upside down canning jar with a small plant in it

Garden in a jar

Keep spring alive when it’s cold out with these stunning mason jar terrariums. There are plenty of succulents and plants you can use for this—tillandsia, jade plant, and string of pearls. They make perfect gifts for your tree-hugging friends!

Layer small pebbles and soil at the bottom of the mason jar. Carefully place and arrange your plants on the soil, then finish off by decorating the outside of the jar with ribbons, stickers, etc.

canning jar with ingredients

‘Sweet Tidings’ candy jars

These candy jars take little to no effort—which makes them a life-saver for last-minute gifts.  

Place festive candies or marshmallows in the jar, then decorate the outside with ribbons, ornaments, and a Christmas card. Easy as that! 

jars lined up with ornaments

Mason jar table centerpiece gift set

Feel a little extra? Upcycle your mason jars and make this stunning Christmas centerpiece gift set.

Gather various mason jars and layer the bottom with pebbles or fake snow. Then, fill the jar with whatever you fancy—branches, acorns, ornaments, fairy lights, or candles.