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Lead A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Jun 19, 2023

Lead A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve all spent more time at home and in the kitchen over the last 24 months. We’ve cooked and arranged, but have we been environmentally conscious? 

One of our main priorities at Simplot is sustainability. We are constantly on the lookout for new solutions to reduce our environmental footprint. With Malaysians reportedly wasting up to 17,000 tonnes of food per day, we thought it would be helpful to share ten eco-friendly kitchen tricks. 

meal planning book

1. Plan Ahead

Creating a meal plan will assist you in quickly adopting more conscious shopping habits. Make a shopping list of the items you’ll need and use in the coming week.

cntainers in a refridgerator marked as leftovers

2. Leftover Love

Use leftover fruit in a smoothie and leftover vegetables in a soup, vegie bake, or frittata. Stock can be made from vegetable trimmings and bones.

overhead of vegatables in a container

3. Repurpose food waste 

When cooking, try to use as much of your produce as possible. Fruit skins are high in nutrients and fibre; try blending them into a smoothie. Stale bread is ideal for breadcrumbs and mince patties. 

hand placing scraps into compost bucket

4. Compost Food Scraps

Composting your food scraps reduces the amount of greenhouse gases produced by landfills significantly. Compostable materials include vegetable peel, fruit, tea bags, ground coffee, and eggshells.

person placing food into freezer containers

5. Smart Storage

Proper storage is critical for preserving food for longer periods of time. Remove fruit and vegetables from their bags to avoid “sweating” and spoiling, and store them in airtight containers to extend their shelf life. 

be local buy local sign

6. Eat Local,Buy Local

This is better for the environment because it reduces storage, transportation, and refrigeration needs, and your money is more likely to stay in your community. 

green cleaining sign

7. Green Cleaning

Removing harmful cleaning products from your home will not only reduce your environmental impact, but it will also be a healthier and safer option for the health of you and your family.

flower pots with vegetables planted

8. Grow Your Own

Grow your own herbs and vegetables in your garden. It not only saves you money; it’s also fresh, flavourful, and produces little waste. 

recycle upcycle sign

9. Recycle and Upcycle

Instead of recycling cans, jars, and bottles, why not repurpose or reinvent them? With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. 

say no to plastic sign

10. Say No To Plastic

The kitchen is one of the worst places for bringing unnecessary packaging into our homes. Say goodbye to plastic bags and paper towels and hello to shopping bags and cloth napkins.