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Should You Wash Your Mushrooms?

Jan 25, 2024

Should You Wash Your Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are packed with flavors so unique you’d be tempted to enjoy them in their most original state. To do just that, you may think you should skip the washing to prevent any ‘alterations’ in their texture or flavor, especially with their nature of being similar to sponges–absorbing large quantities of water in a short period. 

Never. Skip. The. Wash. Biting into soil is one thing, but the germs you’re putting in your mouth are much more concerning. 

So, is there a better method of cleaning your mushrooms without losing their truest texture and flavor? Fortunately for you fungi lovers, there is! We can’t promise you that it’s quick and easy, though.

Instead of soaking them in water or rinsing them, remove the harder parts and residual soil with a small knife. Then, use a damp brush and lightly pass it over the entire surface of the mushroom. Rinse the brush in between the steps and repeat. If you’d like a shortcut, substitute with a damp cloth instead. Another alternative is to clean them with a clean, dry cloth–only if you are very sure of the source of the product and the cleanliness of the soil, though!

Now that the cleaning part is done and dusted, ensure that they are cooked the right way. Your mushrooms should be cooked as little as possible but if you notice that they have absorbed too much liquid, toss them in the pan over high heat. This allows the water to evaporate quickly without losing too much taste.