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What Do Lovebirds Expect From a Dinner Date At Your Restaurant?

Jul 24, 2023

What Do Lovebirds Expect From a Dinner Date At Your Restaurant?

Couples make up a large percentage of customers in restaurants. On special date nights, they would consider several make-or-break factors when choosing one restaurant over another, as they expect a lot more from the experience compared to the other diners. 

Let’s dive into those factors and find out what you can prepare before these couples arrive at your door.


Couples are more likely to make a reservation ahead to avoid any delays or obstructions in the planned night ahead. According to a study, more couples would rather book a casual meal rather than an up-scale dinner, with the reason being they’d prefer to stay and talk following their dinner. They also prefer their meals to arrive on or at the same time–if not less than 15 minutes apart. Be sure to handle reservations carefully and serve dishes promptly.

It’s equally important to make sure your kitchen is well stocked. The study also suggests that couples are not likely to return if a specific menu item they were looking forward to is sold out. 


This goes without saying, but, service can define the date’s outcome. Giving a good, friendly first impression is one thing, but the study also revealed some features you can provide to help make them feel like they belong. First up is a complimentary cocktail or dessert with their purchase. The second item is a loyalty point or discount. For example, a second visit with a special discount can help drive traffic on a separate day. Otherwise, an exclusive offer on date night menu items is also effective. 

Set the right tone for the night–welcome couples in a friendly manner and provide a warm environment. Take note that some couples find that loud restaurants are a turnoff because it disables them to have a conversation. 


Similar to providing a great environment, couples crave personalization. They feel pleased when the staff remembers their name or dietary preferences from previous visits. This attention to small details allows for a sense of uniqueness, making the date feel more special and thoughtful. It also adds up to a perfect date, considering that surveyors of the study say that they would be impressed if their partner booked a detailed restaurant experience.

When this group of diners chooses to dine at your restaurant for a special occasion, make sure to meet all of their expectations. The chances of repurchasing and returning will definitely benefit the business, apart from the positive reviews and better brand awareness.