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Gen Z For The Future Of The Restaurant Industry

Jul 17, 2023

Gen Z For The Future Of The Restaurant Industry

Staying relevant and increasing sales can be tough in the ever-challenging restaurant industry. However, appealing to millennials and Generation Z—or Gen Zs, youths born after 1995—can really help boost sales and awareness because both groups have strong social media reliance.

This may come off as a surprise but according to a report, Gen Zs spend a whopping ⅕ of their budget on dining outside. This amount is considerably huge compared to Millenials and the generations before them—this is also without spending a single cent on alcohol! They’re mostly underage, after all.

Now, there are many other reasons why restaurants should start making this generation their prime target but let’s first discover why they can contribute to long-term business growth.

Social media sharing

This generation lives by the current food trends they see on social media. They know what to expect from a restaurant before actually going there by actively reading or watching user-generated content and reviews on apps like TikTok and Instagram. Gen Z will also share their own reviews after their meals with photos or videos—good or bad. It’s also worth noting that a bad review can go a very long way as they usually have a massive list of followers, massive enough to get your business viral in the wrong way.

What do they expect from restaurants?

Being the more adventurous generation, Gen Z enjoys both fusion and ethnic cuisines. They seek authentic experiences with these global flavors because they want to connect with the culture, not just the food. So, atmosphere—or as they’d call it, ‘vibe’—and service are equally important. 

Gen Z also prefers fast-casual restaurants to full-service ones, considering they grew up through the financial crises and pandemic. 

Despite the fact that this factor is drawing to fastness and convenience, this group cares about what they put in their bodies and how will their meal affect the environment. Some popular phrases that can drive Gen Z traffic to your door are “fresh”, “organic”, and “sustainably sourced”. 

In short, this generation looks for experience, value, sustainability, and nutrition. Although, this is of course after trendiness or ‘internet hype’.

Reaching the Gen Z market

The key to capturing this market is ensuring the experience you offer is worthwhile. Incorporate elements that Gen Z looks for by diversifying the menu with global flavors, sourcing ingredients sustainably, and offering fast, trendy meals. 

Make your social media campaigns appeal directly to this market and actively engage with them. With the right strategy, they can help bump your name on the trend list—increasing brand awareness and driving more traffic to your door. 

Bottom line

Gen Z opens doors to many new opportunities and possibilities for the restaurant industry to explore including new menu items, approaches to sustainability and betterment of the environment, and new technologies. Embracing social and technological changes can go a long way as we evolve the industry, for good.