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Oven Maintenance Tips

Jun 27, 2023

Oven Maintenance Tips

The oven can be a convenient appliance when you want to whip up a quick casserole but do you know how dirty it gets each time you put food inside it? Liquids and oils splatter all around, leaving the surface grimy which can attract more dirt to stick in. 

While that leaves your oven with a nasty sight, all that dirt can actually deteriorate your oven’s engines. And that self-cleaning feature isn’t going to help much, so get up and grab a pair of gloves!

Clean regularly

This goes without saying but clean your oven as often as you use it. For example, if you use it once every couple of months, give it a thorough wipe at least twice a year. If you find yourself using it a couple of times a week, do so once a month. Note that leaving visible food or oil residue can affect how your food taste and smell in the long run. 

Keep the knobs attached at all times

Don’t be tempted to deep-clean your oven to the point where you start disassembling it. It doesn’t have to be that serious. Your oven’s knobs are directly connected to its control system, so you’re basically risking yourself for a case of electrocution. Instead, wipe them and do so gently at their edges.

Check the oven’s elements/burners regularly

Pay attention to any debris, deformities, or a specific spot where it glows brighter than the rest. If you spot any, replace them immediately before using the oven. That burner is likely to create flame when it shorts out and cause heavy damage to the appliance. 

Clean your racks

We know wiping the sides and edges of the inside of your oven is less complicated, but food and burn residues get on the racks too. Carefully take them out and give them a good scrub with water and soap. Wipe dry immediately to avoid rusting.

Clean out whatever’s hiding under and behind your oven

Crumbs, debris, and sorts of nasties can be found underneath and behind your oven. Slide or move your oven and clean the surface thoroughly. Leaving them there can disrupt the flow of air which can cause a fire hazard. 

Check your gaskets

Gaskets are the rubber piece that runs along the oven door. It helps seal in the heat in your oven. Like most rubbers, it can deteriorate and allow heat to seep out which results in your oven not heating up properly. When you’re inspecting your oven, make sure to check them and replace them if necessary.


Before you start cleaning your oven, make sure to unplug it from its power source. You’re dealing with a lot of water and soap, so don’t risk yourself to electrocution. 

Cleaning out your oven may feel like an overbearing chore, but trust us, it’s necessary if you’d like to keep this expensive appliance running for a long time!