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Are Those Bargain Fries Really Worth It? | The Hidden Costs Of Line Flow Fries

Jun 11, 2023

Are Those Bargain Fries Really Worth It? | The Hidden Costs Of Line Flow Fries

We know it’s hard to turn down bargain fries that are much, much cheaper than premium ones—especially during this time when ingredient costs are soaring. But the truth is, these ‘bargain’ fries may cost a lot more than you think. 

In this post, we’ll break down the hidden costs of bargain fries and why it’s smarter to invest in premium fries. Consider this–the world’s most successful restaurant chains all serve premium fries that even you can’t get enough! 

Bargain fries provide fewer servings

They yield up to 10 fewer serving per a 13kg case. Why?

They tend to have a higher water content and lesser solids. This matters because you pay for fries by weight. So, ultimately, when you pay for bargain fries you’re paying for the water rather than for the potato starch and proteins that your diners love. And when you cook these lower-quality potatoes all that water evaporates, leaving you with fewer servings per kilogram. 

Because they yield fewer servings, they can barely fill the plate or basket, which your diners will find unacceptable. You’ll be forced to add more strips to the serving, further reducing your yield per case (and money).

Bargain fries drive up your fryer oil costs

When you cook cheaper fries you’ll affect how long your fryer oil stays usable—and oil isn’t something you can bargain these days!

As mentioned earlier, bargain fries are packed with water. When they’re cooking, they soak up more oil inside as the water evaporates. You’ll find yourself filling up the kettle with fryer oil more frequently and that’s really expensive. Plus, no one likes greasy fries. 

Furthermore, water degrades your fryer oil faster. When it does, you’ll have to replace your oil more often.

Bargain fries are a gamble

You’ll never know what you’re going to get with bargain fries. They can taste acceptable at one time, and awful at another. You can’t fool your diners, too. They know what good fries should taste and look like, and when they’re noticeably bad those incoming online reviews can really hurt your business. 

Do the math—lower yield per case, lower potential revenue per case, higher fryer oil consumption, less consistency, and more negative online reviews. Add them all up and you’ll find that these bargain fries damage your profit margin. 

Premium fries, on the other hand, undergo extensive quality control and offer longer length, fewer defects, consistent color, texture, and taste—all the things that your diners love and come back for. Browse here for premium fries fit for any business. We recommend Conquest® Delivery+® Fries that stay crisp for takeaways and deliveries (goodbye soggy fries!).

Per serving, premium fries don’t cost much more than bargain ones and they have a much positive impact on profitability. As a side dish or a main dish, fries are a global favorite and you simply cannot afford to ‘bargain’ your diner’s experience and satisfaction.