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Match Made In Food Heaven

Jun 19, 2023

Match Made In Food Heaven

Sure, you know that peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and caramel, and even grilled cheese and tomato soup are some of the foods that are perfectly matched together. However, there are a few less obvious (and odd-sounding) combinations that you haven’t explored yet.

Here are five other perfect matches made in food heaven that are actually rather delicious. Try it out!

dessert fries in waffle cone

1. The Salty Sweet Duo

Ice Cream and Fries-a match that takes the salty-sweet mix to the next level.

chocolate and avocado dessert cups

2. The Perfect Pair

Chocolate and avocado: The new peanut butter and jelly combination; they complement each other perfectly.

peanut butter burger

3. The Unforgettable Duo 

Peanut Butter and a Burger: When making beef patties, add melted peanut butter to make them more juicy. For an even more unforgettable flavour, try adding Thai peanut sauce to your next burger.

watermelon slices and ice with salt

4. Made For Each Other

Watermelon and Salt: a pinch of salt will enhance the flavour of the watermelon’s natural sweetness.

mango slices cut

5. The Savory-Sweet Pair

Mango and Chili Powder-adding sweet elements into a spicy dish only makes the flavour more delicious.