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Your Guide To Safe Cookware

Jun 16, 2023

Your Guide To Safe Cookware

Toxins and unhealthy fumes that leech from your cookware can cause long-term health risks when accumulated to a certain point. You can minimize such risks by making a few changes in how you cook.

Avoid these materials: Disposable aluminum tins increase the risk of exposure to the metal. Teflon coating—famously used in non-stick pans—contains PFOA and PTFE which releases toxic fumes when heated at high temperatures and can actually cause sickness. If you have these materials in your cupboard, swap them with better alternatives below: 

  • Ceramic

  • Cast iron

  • Stainless steel

  • Glass

  • PTFE- and PFOA-free non-stick pans

Discard your old ones: The surface coating of chipped or scratched pans will only increase the risk of exposure to metals like chromium and nickel, which can cause health issues like dermatitis. Other than that, definitely get rid of any stained or badly burned ones.

Change your cooking practices:

  • Avoid using plastic utensils that contain BPA which can disrupt hormones.

  • Be aware of metal utensils that can scratch up your cookware. Instead, use wooden utensils.

  • Cooking in a closed space can concentrate the harmful fumes from your cookware. So, make sure to turn on your exhaust fan.

  • Avoid using takeout containers when packing food. Their plasticized lining can react to heat and release toxins into the food.

  • Do not microwave food in plastic containers. It’s self-explanatory!