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What's Cooking in 2024?

Jan 01, 2024

What's Cooking in 2024?

As we enter another year, technological advances become more intertwined with the culinary world, revolutionizing how we grow, prepare, and enjoy our food. But that’s not the only thing about food innovation–it reshapes the entire experience, from farm to plate. 

In this article, we’ll be peeking into some of 2024’s most cutting-edge food innovations and trends designed to amplify convenience, sustainability, and creative possibilities.

Plant-based proteins will continue to evolve

These plant-based meats aren’t just going to stop at mushrooms and tofu. A new generation of meat substitutes is introducing edible flora–where, instead of isolates and concentrates, whole plant-based foods will be used. Expect more vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, seaweed, mosses, and blossoms. 

While the focus may no longer be to wholly replicate the real thing, the emergence of ‘super-mimickers’ using designer ingredients is expected to mimic special meats like scallops, sashimi, foie gras, and even premium whole-cuts (with the animal fat marbling, too). Get ready to actually enjoy these meatless alternatives!

Spicing up the menu with unconventional spices and herb

Seasoning your food this year will go beyond salt and pepper. Trending spices and seasonings like za’atar, seaweed, mushrooms, chakalaka, and the Aleppo pepper are constantly sold out, setting the tone and distinctness for various dishes. 

K-flavors enter the mainstream world

Korean favorites like bulgogi, bibimbap, and crispy fried chicken are becoming a huge trend on the menus of many restaurants, supermarkets, and fast-food chains in cities like Paris, New York, London, and more. Beyond that, dishes like tteokbokki and japchae are also growing popular, further pushing the creation of exciting fusion dishes using Korean flavors.

New recipes will be generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With AI writing tools becoming more accessible to a wider audience, chefs in the restaurant industry are coming up with dishes curated by ChatGPT. For instance, the international pizza branch ‘Dodo Pizza’ created a new menu item for its Dubai branch. The pizza features paneer, tahini, and za’atar spices. 

We also experimented with ChatGPT to come up with an exciting variant of loaded fries, too. We asked the chat to design loaded fries with a Southeast Asian touch–combining Thai’s sweet, spicy, and sour flavors with Malaysian aromatics. In just seconds, the fusion fries recipe was generated. Here’s what the AI-generated picture looked like:

AI-generated recipe image - What's Cooking in 2024?

A blend of spicy Malaysian condiments like Sambal and signature Thai flavors from ingredients like chilies, lime, and coriander.

Thanks to the rise in innovation, technology, and health consciousness, 2024 will be a year of exploring, creating, and experiencing a new world of food.