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Using Charred Fruits to Create Tantalizing Dishes

Aug 8, 2023

Using Charred Fruits to Create Tantalizing Dishes

As consumers grow more adventurous with their food choices, incorporating unconventional flavors in your menu can go a really long way to make your restaurant stand out. Despite being an unceasing trend in the culinary world, charred fruits remain versatile. 

This trend typically involves placing fruits—like peaches, pears, and even avocados–on grills, pans, or open flame. This technique caramelizes the natural sugars of fruits, allowing for more depth and richer flavors. 

Featuring charred fruits on your menu

One key benefit of charred fruit is versatility. While some may prefer them in the colder months, they’re actually a perfect addition for summer dishes too. Because of that and the fact that some fruits are seasonal, they work well for holiday or limited-time menu items! Here are some fresh ideas to use in your dishes:

#1 Appetizers

Use pears, plums, or grapes to pair with crostini and cheese in the colder months, and include them in salsas, salads, or kebabs to better suit warmer weather. Otherwise, they look and taste great on a charcuterie board, too!

#2 Breakfast dishes

The intensified flavors from the charred fruits make decadent toppings for breakfast dishes that often have a simpler profile. Pair roasted bananas, apples, or avocados with French toast, parfaits, and puddings.

#3 Lunch and dinner

For entrees, charred fruits can be used in every way possible. They make a good smokey sauce for steaks—creating a tantalizing sweet and savory combination that will simply impress your customers. Alternatively, they can be sliced and placed in a grilled sandwich to further elevate the dish’s flavor as a whole.

#4 Desserts

You already know it, the possibilities are endless. With charred fruits, you’ll create an unexpected twist on traditional dessert dishes such as roasted pineapple tartlettes or roasted strawberry ice cream.

Charring fruits can brighten just about any dish, creating a crave-able menu item for your customers. Besides, their seasonal flavors also make a great LTO to drive traffic and sales at your door.