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Keeping Your Guests for Longer: Best Restaurant Entertainment Ideas

Sep 19, 2023

Keeping Your Guests for Longer: Best Restaurant Entertainment Ideas

When it comes to running a business in a highly competitive industry, it all comes down to whether what you offer to consumers stands out or not. Restaurants are far more than just food and drinks, it’s also the whole experience that makes them worth the money and time consumers spend after a long week of work. They want to look for a nice, relaxing place to unwind.

Adding forms of entertainment as part of the experience that your restaurant offers can positively impact your bottom line. Not only do they attract newcomers but they will also have customers lingering around for longer, encouraging repeat orders. 

Let’s delve into some fresh ideas for adding entertainment that will excite your customers. 

Game nights

Fun board games or trivia nights are a great way to attract customers on Friday or weekend nights. Pair your signature snacks with drinks or craft beers as promotional bundles, and consider changing the lighting to match the ambiance of your game night using color LED bulbs. Your geeky customers would be happy too if you add old-school games!

Local hub for remote workers

Remote and freelancer workers would leave their homes to do work someplace else, given that the place is cozy, has a stable Wi-Fi connection, a relaxing atmosphere, and background music. Have this group of customers hooked up with a loyalty program offering special deals on brunch, tea, and coffee. By being the local’s favorite hub, you’ll also be able to build a community where groups like this can meet up with other people from different industries. 

Live music

Invite local bands and artists to perform on special nights at your restaurant. This too can build a loyal community around your establishment, making it the local’s favorite spot for entertainment on weekends. Do research the market before hosting the event so you don’t fumble when choosing the artist. 

Group deals for events

Pair up your events with special group deals. Whether you’re hosting live music, cooking classes, or wine tasting, create a special group menu that offers a selection of appetizers, mains, and desserts at a reduced price per person. Alternatively, offer a shared platter with a complimentary pitcher of beverage. To spice things up, create themed group deals such as discounted wings for a football game. 

Charity events

Hosting or participating in charity events is a great way to improve your image and reputation. Raise funds for a cause and build a stronger sense of community. To add more buzz, consider inviting a local celebrity. Offer special menu items and proceed the revenue to a charity.

Staying ahead of the competition can be really tough. Keeping these entertainment ideas in hand can help keep your customers engaged and entice newcomers. Remember that excellent service should be at the forefront of your restaurant before hosting events. Prepare carefully and avoid doing a sloppy job at executing. In some cases, you may miss out on new customers instead of winning them. When this happens, it’s tougher to make them come back.