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How To Avoid Soggy Fries | Plus Other Restaurant Reviews To Avoid

Jun 16, 2023

How To Avoid Soggy Fries | Plus Other Restaurant Reviews To Avoid

Limp, greasy fries can really ruin a good dish–and in some serious cases, the restaurant’s reputation. This isn’t an exaggeration, there are numerous restaurant reviews on the internet that complains about how terrible their fries were.

In this post, we discover some of the most common complaints about french fries and how you can avoid them.

Soggy fries

Fries have a very high starch content. When they are cooked at high temperatures, they absorb moisture which gives them their signature crispy exterior. When they are left out to cool, the starches secrete moisture, which eventually makes the fries’ crust soggy. 

How do you make sure your fries stay crisp? Opt for clear-coated ones. A clear starch coating keeps your fries’ exterior crispy and interior fluffy for much longer. Our Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries are exceptional in texture thanks to their 30+ minute holding time. They are also available in various cuts and forms to fit any dish.

Choosing the right takeout containers is as important as choosing the right frozen fries. Choose packaging that offers good temperature retention, strength, and ventilation to allow steam escape–paper bags and containers are best at that. While plastic and styrofoam are the cheaper alternatives, they’re bad for the environment. But if you must use them, make sure to punch holes for ventilation.

Soggy and limp fries, to your diners, are as good as eating leftovers in the fridge. So, prepare fries that are worth leaving the house for.

Re-fried fries

Another complaint is rock-hard fries. Some restaurants just prefer to refry old fries instead of making a fresh batch. Yikes. 

To make sure your fries arrive warm and tasty at your diner’s table, Simplot Conquest® clear-coated fries can extend their ‘fresh-from-fryer’ crispiness for up to 15 minutes after cooking. Keeping them warm under a heat lamp or on a steam table can also help for a period of time. Never, ever, refry!

Off flavors

Some reviews also mention that their fries taste ‘fishy’. Old, oxidated, and irregularly filtered frying oil can really affect the quality and taste of your fries. 

A well-used fryer oil should be filtered at least once a day, making sure any free-floating bits and slivers are removed completely. Avoid frying other foods like seafood with the same oil, as this will–very noticeably–ruin the taste of your fries.

Greasy fries

Unlike premium fries, inexpensive or ‘bargain’ ones typically contain much more water than solids (from potatoes). When they are cooked in hot oil, all that water evaporates, sucking in excessive oil inside.

It’s always worth it to invest in premium fries. Simplot Blue Ribbon®, Simplot Classic®, Simplot Infinity®, Simplot Conquest® or any of our seasoned/batter fries like Simplot SeasonedCrisp® works wonders as they absorb less and taste great all around.

Next, make sure the temperature and time are set properly as per printed on the package.  Another tip is to avoid overfilling your basket. An overfilled basket causes the fryer to heat the fries more slowly, resulting in undercooked fries. 

Pay attention to your fries

Your diners will always have high expectations of these golden sticks of potato. And with online reviews becoming more and more important for restaurants, it’s only right that you prepare your fries correctly.