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How Mentorship Can Nurture Your Team

Jun 20, 2023

How Mentorship Can Nurture Your Team

Now more than ever, it can be tough to retain great talent that’s right for your team. Offering ongoing mentorship is a powerful way to build a diverse, inclusive dream team with staying power. Here are the 5 ways that mentorship can help build your dream team:

Cultivate a good kitchen culture

It’s important to create a nurturing, supportive kitchen culture that are all inclusive. By offering more opportunities to diverse individuals, it opens up possibilities for people of all kinds to find success in the restaurant business.

Become a leader you would want to follow

Nurturing young chefs is also rewarding to the mentors. It gives an avenue for mentors to receive feedback and improve on current processes that just may work better.

Offer real-life training for various skills

Helping staff members gain knowledge on other skills such as how to grow food, or even business skills can help build their understanding far beyond learning a specific job.

Give them the confidence to go after their dreams

Having somebody to call on with difficult questions and problems can make all the difference. Working with mentors can help build the skill set and the confidence to go after their dreams.

Reward those who want to learn

It’s important to reward people for their hard work and loyalty. We can do this by providing more opportunities for learning and professional growth.