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Chaos Cooking: The Tiktok Trend That Combines Global Flavors To Create Unforgettable Dishes

Jun 16, 2023

Chaos Cooking: The Tiktok Trend That Combines Global Flavors To Create Unforgettable Dishes

TikTok, the latest and most popular tool for businesses, is an important channel where restaurateurs can source inspiration to craft the next trending dish. ‘Chaos Cooking’ is the latest trend on the platform that combines global flavors to create (sometimes) delicious, memorable dishes.

This trend is also known as ‘flavor tourism’ where consumers seek to expand and refine their palates with flavors from all over the world. And what better way than introducing them into dishes that are rather common? Gochujang pasta, sushi bake, and salted egg croissant are only some of the dishes you will see trending in many restaurant menus this year. These uncommon, interesting fusions are taking over the food service industry as social media-worthy dishes.

According to a study in 2020, 32% of consumers stated that they enjoy fusion dishes, increasing up to 19% from the previous years. Now that TikTok and other social media platforms like Instagram are becoming popular platforms for users to create content to review viral and aesthetic dishes, cafes, and restaurants, taking advantage of this trend can positively impact your bottom line. Here are some tips to get your fusion menu started;

Involve your team

Your kitchen and floor staff are people from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. In fact, they may already be cooking fusion food at home. Allow them to pitch in their ideas, and work from there.

Do your research

Learn about prominent ingredients used in different cuisines and cultures, as well as the dishes’ origin and story. This way, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how they can be used in your cooking.

Look to other restaurants

Tasting and finding out what new restaurants are up to are great sources of inspiration. Here are some cuisine mash-up restaurants are doing:

  • Mexican-Korean

    Both cuisines are heavy on acids, and they complement each other. While the Mex portion provides spice and bold flavors, the Korean portion provides freshness with its medley of clean ingredients.

  • Chinese-American:

    Fluffy bao buns enveloping crispy chicken tenders glazed with hot sauce and honey—the perfect twist to the classics of both cuisines.

  • Indian-Italian:

    Springy Italian pasta drenched in flavor-explosive sauces made from bold Indian spices. 

Trying to pin down what’s next in trend can be challenging. Regardless of what consumers want, culinary is an ever-expanding art waiting to be discovered. Be daring to explore flavors and cuisines through social media platforms and local online reviews.