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How Fries Can Maximize Your Profit Margin

Jun 19, 2023

How Fries Can Maximize Your Profit Margin

Some of the world’s most successful restaurants glorify fries on their menu. They are the consumer’s choice of go-to comfort food, which is one of the many reasons why they make up a large percentage of traffic and profit in restaurants. 

Most consumers don’t own a commercial deep fryer at home so it’s impossible to make french fries that are as good as the ones they get to enjoy at restaurants. Because of that, diners will have to come to you. You can expect your customers to crave hot, freshly-made fries every time!

Marketing tactics for maximum impact 

While they are already a convenient side dish—considering they have a low food cost per serving—there are a lot more ways you can further maximize your profit with french fries. They’re a golden opportunity to apply your creativity and drive traffic in the door.

A ‘Free Fryday’ event and limited-time offers (LTOs) featuring fries

Your diners can’t and won’t refuse a free basket of hot fries. Take advantage of days like the National French Fry Day every July 13th where you hold free-fry events. Try a tasting event with fries paired with various in-house dips!

Likewise, LTOs also give diners a reason to visit your restaurant. This will also allow you to test out new menu offerings—new products or special loaded fries—to see if they are worth adding to the regular menu. For example, Truffle Parmesan Fries or Loaded Carne Asada Fries.

The fear of missing out on an event or an LTO is enough to drive traffic and purchase in your restaurant. Prepare fliers, posters, table tents, and social media promotions.

Offer bottomless fries for dine-in

Reward your diners by offering a free fry refill with every purchase of a main dish. This can even be a limited-time offer and is a great inexpensive way to show you appreciate their support and business. Remember, building a solid connection with your diners is crucial to make them come back in the future. 

Create loaded fry variations for appetizers

They aren’t a new thing for a lot of restaurants, but they’ve certainly proven their value in recent years. Be creative when coming up with recipes to make sure they stand out to entice newcomers. However, remember to not overdo them with too many options, as this can overwhelm your diners. Instead, choose recipes that fit your restaurant’s theme and try keeping them cost-friendly by using the trim from your other dishes as toppings on your fries. 

We have plenty of fresh and tasty loaded fries recipes. Check them out.

Offer French fry charcuterie boards

Since they’re one of the hottest food trends this year, consider curating a charcuterie board offering fries of various cuts paired with signature dips. They give off an exclusive feel to your diners and take minimum effort and money to prepare. 

Read more about the trend here and get inspired!

Ensure fries arrive crisp for deliveries, every time

Takeout and delivery will always be important sources of business. Soggy fries can be a real turn-off for customers which will result in online reviews that can drive potential sales away.

Simplot Delivery+® Fries offer 10 different cuts of fries that stay crisp for 40+ minutes! This is the longest hold time in the industry, and customers can even reheat them back to crispy perfection with just 15-20 seconds in the microwave at home. Find products fit for your business here.

Getting the word out and driving traffic

  • Determine the best days for promotions and events. Make sure you are not competing with local ones on the same day.

  • Contact local food writers and bloggers

  • Send an email to your customer list at least a week before the promotion starts

  • Create a content calendar for your social media postings

Fries as the driver of profit

Even at a time of soaring labor and food costs, fries continue to prove that they drive profit with their high margins and universal appeal. Your diners can only satisfy their fry cravings at restaurants, so make sure to make the most of your fries with creative promotions.