5 Kitchen Tips You'll Actually Use

Jul 21, 2023

5 Kitchen Tips You'll Actually Use

We know. Some ‘kitchen hacks’ you see on the internet sometimes aren’t really hacks at all, they’re usually just inconvenient. But luckily for you, we’ve compiled five kitchen hacks that will actually make your life easier.

 #1 Prevent stains on plastic containers

Your precious Tupperware collections will love this–before storing greasy foods, spray a thin layer of non-stick cooking spray. This will prevent hard-to-remove oil stains and keep your containers looking good as new.

#2 Preserve parsley for much longer

To prevent your parsley (or green onions, coriander leaves, etc.) from wilting before you actually want to use them, wash the whole bunch thoroughly. Then, remove the excess moisture before wrapping it in a paper towel. Seal in a plastic ziplock bag in the refrigerator. This way, your parsley can last up to several weeks!

#3 Cleaning spilled oil or splatters

We know it’s frustrating when wiping down oil on your counters still leaves traces of grease. Ditch the soap and sprinkle a layer of flour on the oil instead. Wait for a moment and wipe them down as usual. 

#4 Fresher fridge, 24/7

Need a more long-lasting solution than citrus slices in the refrigerator and freezer? Try putting 1-2 plain charcoal briquettes in a cup and place it in the back area of the appliance. The charcoal absorbs foul odors well and doesn’t take up too much space.

#5 Shred your own cheese

Save your money instead of paying extra for pre-shredded cheese. Buy your cheeses in blocks and shred them using a grater or better, put smaller chunks in the food processor. You’ll find that you yield more this way–make sure to store them in a heavy-duty resealable bag, though!