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The Tiktok Account Dedicated To All Things Butter

Jun 16, 2023

The Tiktok Account Dedicated To All Things Butter

The pandemic in recent years has birthed countless TikTok food trends. From Dalgona Coffee to the irritably sticky Cloud Bread, internet hype can only last for so long. However, one viral TikTok account stuck out long enough for the creator himself to debut his own restaurant late last year.

Thomas Straker, 32, is a London-based chef and cookbook author that started out on TikTok by filming himself cooking fine-dining-worthy dishes at home. After millions of views garnered through his content, he then grew to make a long series (now with countless episodes) called ‘All Things Butter’–where he transforms an average compound butter into a canvas for unique flavors, creativity, and technique. Not to mention, Straker’s TikTok videos are straightforward with short yet informational frames–which get viewers hooked on one episode after another. 

Roasted Chicken Skin Butter was one of Straker’s earliest breakthrough, and it (rightfully so) managed to get over 31 million views. The series grew bigger and even more exciting when Straker started making more butter with unconventional twists like the Bone Marrow Butter, Tequila Butter, and even sweeter ones like the Caramel Pear Butter. 

The former private chef turned his growing TikTok fame into an opportunity to grow his name into the culinary world through numerous partnerships and collaborations with brands and even merchandises for his fans. Straker also debuted his very own restaurant in the street of Notting Hill called Straker’s, where he prioritize serving Mediterranean-British dishes.

But his ode to butter doesn’t end there. Earlier this year, Straker teased his followers with his very own brand for his many, extraordinary creations with butter. 

Here are some of our favorite butter creations from Straker, which might inspire you to incorporate into your menu:

  1. Burnt Butter

    : Super simple yet bursting with nutty flavors, perfect to go with just about anything.

  2. Lemon and Herb Butter

    : This refreshing take on butter incorporates the freshness of lemon and mint.

  3. WIld Garlic Butter

    : An instant flavor addition to any dish you’re cooking.

  4. Crispy Chili Butter

    : Garlicky and spicy, could get even more heavenly when drizzled over fries! 

Getting your next food invention viral on social media can get off to a tricky start. Explore fresh, newer ideas on how to take on simple ingredients and transform them into something extraordinary. 

To support and watch Straker’s mouthwatering content, head over to his social pages.

TikTok & Instagram: @thomas_straker