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Reasons Frozen Avocados Are Back In Kitchens

Jun 16, 2023

Reasons Frozen Avocados Are Back In Kitchens

Faced with labor and supply shortages in the past couple of years, restaurateurs in the F&B industry are looking to maximize the use of frozen ingredients in their kitchens. They are considered to be convenient, cheaper, and ones that last longer than fresh produce.

Avocado dishes are one of the hottest ingredients on the menu since the health-conscious trend has come along—and Simplot’s variety of frozen avocados does not come short as the flexible, consistent, affordable, and time-saving choice for restaurant menus.

When restaurants incorporate these frozen avocados back into their kitchens, there are several key advantages that whole fruits do not offer.

Consistent pricing

The price of avocados can increase up to 150%-200% at certain times of the year or seasonally. Whereas with frozen avocados, the price stays consistent all year round.

Easier, faster preparation

Simplot’s frozen avocados take little to zero effort in prepping, resulting in lesser labor and labor charges. Its preparation, if at all, is as simple as thaw-and-serve.


With a shelf-life that lasts up to 18 months and year-round availability, restaurants can worry less about supply shortages.

High, Mexican Hass quality

Year-round availability does not mean we compromise on quality and taste. Our avocados are harvested at the peak of the growing season when their oil content is the highest. Their ripeness is carefully checked by hand to ensure the best taste and texture possible.


There’s absolutely no limit when it comes to crafting new menu items with our frozen avocados. They are also available in variations like pulp form, diced, halved, and more.

Less waste

Their 100% yield and long shelf-life make inventory management a breeze, and we don’t have to worry about any impact on the planet.

Safer prep

Readily pulped or cut, these frozen avocados are great for less-skilled labor or to limit the use of knives in the kitchen.

Simplot’s frozen avocados are only added with salt and lime juice to protect their lush green color, prolong shelf life, and resist browning. This way, all of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber (that you find in fresh avocados) will not be sacrificed.