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Must Try Top 10 Avocado Drinks In Philippines

Jun 19, 2023

Must Try Top 10 Avocado Drinks In Philippines

The Philippines is undeniably one of the countries with a lot to offer in terms of tourism, people, and cuisine, making it an ideal foreign tourist destination. It is actually home to a number of islands, and what distinguishes them is that almost every single one of them has its own delicious local specialties and amazing food, including avocados. 

Discover our exclusive list of the Top 10 Avocado Drinks to Try in the Philippines. 

Libertea sealed jar

Army Navy 

Avocado Cream Cheese Milk Tea – Perfect combination and even a non-avocado lover will approve this!

blended creme avocado drink


Blended Creme Avocado with Cheese – This beverage is made with avocados, fresh milk, and a thick cream layer at the bottom.

Pickup avocado coffee drink

Pickup Coffee

Avo Latte – A distinctive twist to your latte, the Avo Latte combines avocado, creamy milk, and espresso, creating a truly delicious beverage.

Thai mango drink with mango on top

Thai Mango

This refreshing beverage has mango chunks, homemade mango graham ice cream, coconut whipped cream, and avocado smoothie—perfect for a hot day or as a pick-me-up. 

iced avocado drink

Tastes from the Greens 

Primo Avocado – A refreshing and healthy avocado smoothie, with all the pleasures with minimal guilt!

yogost avocado drink


This beverage is a great combination of creamy yogurt and the earthy, buttery goodness of avocado.

oh mango shake bar blended drink

Oh Mango Shake Bar

Avo lovers, there is a wide variety of avocado-based drinks to choose from.

big chill avocado drink

Big Chill 

Ultra-Creamy Avocado Bliss – The perfect beverage to boost your energy, meet your health goals, and brighten your day.

yo madi avocado drink

Yo Madi

Creates a nice blend of yogurt and avocados blended together to create a healthy and delicious drink.

avocadoria blended avocado drink


The perfect place to indulge in the healthiest, most inventive, and delicious avocado treats.