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Meeting The Gen Z Demand: Catering Your Restaurant To The Youth

Jun 16, 2023

Meeting The Gen Z Demand: Catering Your Restaurant To The Youth

With social media being the key player in setting trends in the food industry, it’s almost impossible to keep up, we know. But one segment worth looking out for in the market is Gen Z. Why? Because they will become the main drivers that will lead food businesses to success, or failure in the long run.

Understanding Gen Z

  • Gen Zs are individuals born between the years 1993-2003.

  • They are diverse in terms of ethnicity and are most likely to be multiracial as well.

  • They are more likely to spend money on food than they do on clothes or other necessities.

Now that you’ve understood the basics, let’s dissect what they will really look for in a restaurant. 

All-rounder menu

When it comes to menu offerings, there are three elements to keep in mind–flexibility, sustainability, and value. 

Gen Zs are drawn to fresh, customizable options. Global flavors are one of the selling factors for these people, as they combine cuisines to create fusion dishes that are simply unforgettable and social-media worthy. Big flavors aren’t the only thing, though. The option to choose portion sizes is important to them, too. 

It is also worth noting that they will become the majority of conscious diners. Gen Zs will want to make sure they are eating organic, healthy, and sustainably-sourced food. Yep, that includes packaging.

Value over anything, always. Most Gen Zs aren’t earning stable incomes but (surprisingly) have more spending tendencies than the generations before them. They are more willing to eat outside, so make sure to take value into account when planning your menu.

Digital presence

Being born into a world of all things digital, Gen Zs depend on whatever they find on the internet and social media platforms. They will need to see you on Instagram, TikTok, or Google Reviews before they would even go to your restaurant. 

It’s pretty much a necessity to put restaurant content to engage with them on the internet and social media platforms, so don’t wait! 

Being accessible to wherever they are

Most Gen Zs are in school or universities, while some are slowly entering the workforce so practicality is essential. Consider leveraging a delivery service to make your items consistently available to your young diners, wherever they are. 

Here are some reliable and popular delivery services in Southeast Asia you can check out!:

  1. GrabFood

  2. FoodPanda

  3. Gojek

  4. LINE Man

  5. Dahmakan

As players in the food service industry, it’s a challenge to constantly change and adapt to this generation’s demand. However, with the right partners and sources–it can be an exciting one.