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Lunar New Year Traditions Around The Globe

Jun 16, 2023

Lunar New Year Traditions Around The Globe

Lunar New Year is arguably the most widely celebrated holiday in the world. Although Chinese traditions heavily influence the way it is observed by other Asiatic countries, they each have their own uniqueness.

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Lunar New Year in Vietnam is known as Tet. Its traditional Tet dishes include banh tet (glutinous rice cake with pork) and mut tet (assorted sweets). Men and women are seen adorning ao dai—silk tunics worn over pants—and praying at the temple together.

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South Korea

Known as Seollal, Lunar New Year in South Korea is celebrated by paying respect to ancestors and elders and wearing traditional costumes like the hanbok. ‘Seh bae don’ is also a Seollal tradition that involves children receiving ‘New Year’s money’ and words of wisdom from their elderlies.

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Filipino families come together at midnight to feast on Lunar New Year—locally known as Media Noche—for a prosperous year ahead. Much like the Chinese tradition, their dinner tables are also wreathed with round fruits to symbolize good fortune.

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Being densely populated by Chinese people, Singapore goes all out for Lunar New Year. The Chingay Parade—which showcases lion dances among other extravagant performances—is being held in the city, while red envelopes with money are handed out to the children, elderlies, and unmarried people.