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How To Sneak Veggies Into Food

Jun 19, 2023

How To Sneak Veggies Into Food

It can be a challenge to eat the recommended servings of vegetables each day. Here are some of our favourite and sneaky ways to fit veggies into your meal:  

Frittata it 

Mix eggs with colourful veggies for a healthy and hearty breakfast. You can even make enough and freeze it for an easy to-go breakfast for busy mornings. 

Turn pudding into a healthy breakfast 

Avocados have the ability to add a creamy texture to any dish. Just blend sugar, milk, honey and avocado until super smooth for a quick healthy dessert. 

Sneak pumpkin into pancakes 

Put some pumpkin or squash pure into pancake or waffle mix. It’s healthier, more filling and full of fiber. 

Add greens to smoothies

Love a smoothie in the morning? Throw in a handful of spinach with avocado pulp, frozen banana and almond milk for a classic green smoothie. 

Try making veggie noodles 

Instead of going for the usual pasta, try using a spiralizer to make zucchini, cucumber or squash noodles. They’re lower in carbs and higher in nutrition than regular pasta.