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How To Save More During Inflation

Jun 19, 2023

How To Save More During Inflation

From groceries to petrol prices, inflation causes everything to go up. Although it is inevitable, there are simple ways to navigate and cushion the impact of inflation.

Taking a closer look at your bills

Most of us are subscribed to multiple streaming websites. To cut down on unnecessary bills, you can review, reduce, and cancel any recurring subscriptions that you think you can live without.  

Try meal prepping

When it comes to groceries, you can save more by being more efficient with your purchases. Meal prepping helps you to buy in bulk while helping you to save cost, energy and even reduce food wastage. This way, you can also avoid buying unnecessary groceries and cut down on impulsive food deliveries.  

Explore other avenues of income

It’s always good to earn extra cash to cover for more immediate expenses. If you love to bake, perhaps it’s time to explore baking cookies and sell them online. Who knows, your side hustle might turn into a small business.  

Comparison shop

Compare the prices of grocery products to determine which option delivers the best value. Swapping name-brand products for generic versions can help you save without noticing a major difference.  

Shop your pantry

Before you go grocery shopping, make a habit of checking the shelves of your pantry first. By taking inventory of what you already have at home, you’ll avoid mistakenly buying multiples of the same item. 

Buy reusable instead of disposable 

Reusable products cost more upfront than their disposable counterparts, but they’re usually a better deal because they last much longer. Being better for the environment is an added plus too.