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Avocado Helps To Suppress Hunger

Jun 16, 2023

Avocado Helps To Suppress Hunger

Obesity is linked to over 200 chronic diseases, of which Malaysia has the highest rates of adult obesity in Southeast Asia. As rates of obesity in Malaysia continue to rise, a small study released by the Nutrition Journal found that avocado is one of the significant foods to help with hunger management and metabolism control support. 

For years, fats have been identified as the leading cause of obesity, and new research has found carbohydrates as the main factor to monitor for regulating appetite and weight control. These nutritional changes have also been identified to limit sugar consumption and adding healthy fats and fibre in the diet.

As every individual is different, understanding in food chemistry and physiology is important to control the food taken and managing appetite. This will help to personalise the meal taken for each individual. Consuming avocado is not only beneficial to reduce hunger, and increase satisfaction, but also help to reduce meals intake.