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How To Use AI To Write Social Media Posts And Ads

Aug 01, 2023

How To Use AI To Write Social Media Posts And Ads

Social media is proven to be a driver of a restaurant’s success but producing engaging content can be a challenge without prior experience. While business owners have the option to hire content writers, the waiting game can mean a lot of time and opportunity wasted. Thanks to recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, they can quickly produce copies using tools like ChatGPT, Writesonic, and JasperAI. 

In our post about using AI in restaurants, we covered how ChatGPT can help write up persuasive menu descriptions in just seconds. In this post, we’ll learn how to use these writing tools to write copies for Google and Facebook ads effectively.

Writing with AI

One thing that AI writing tools have in common is that it responds to your input text—or “prompt”—by using massive amounts of existing text from the internet, learning their patterns and connections between words. This advanced ability to predict what word should come next produces human-like texts, making tasks like writing and answering inquiries much easier. 

How to write social captions with AI effectively

Writing with these cutting-edge tools can seem a little too simple considering the fact that they give quick results. However, to produce engaging copies for social content (on Instagram and Facebook), consider these elements when putting in your prompts.

  • Context: Describe what the type of image or content is going to be used for. The image can be a product shot, a behind-the-scenes image, a customer testimonial, or a promotional post. 

  • Brand tone: Define the messaging tone and manner your brand uses. They can be casual, formal, witty, etc. This is going to help maintain a consistent brand identity across all copies.

  • Key messages: Include key messages or themes that you need to tell your customers such as new menu features, promotional details, special events, or brand values. Keep your copy concise and focused.

  • Emotional appeal: Play with words or phrases that can evoke positive feelings like excitement or nostalgia.

  • Timeliness and relevance: Make your post relevant to current events, holidays, or any trending topic to increase engagement. 

  • Length: Specify the preferred length of your copy. Instagram allows up to a whopping 2,200 characters, but we recommend shorter, concise copies to better suit your audience’s short attention span. 

  • Hashtags and mentions: If you want to include hashtags to increase the post’s visibility, indicate your preferences and examples in the prompt. 

  • Call-to-action: Include specific actions such as “Like,” “Comment,” “Share,” “Learn more,” or “Book a reservation with us”.

  • Visual content: Pair your copy with attention-grabbing images, videos, or infographics related to the content.

How to write Google ads and Facebook ads

Writing for ads on Google and Facebook uses a similar approach, but you may have to optimize some keywords and follow their character count limits. Other elements to consider when writing for ads are:

  •  Restaurant details: Specify the type of cuisine you’re selling plus some unique selling points. This can feature your signature dishes, locally sourced food, or fusion dishes.

  • Target audience: Specify your target demographic. Tailoring your ad copies can boost engagement from your specific audience.

  • Keyword optimization: Ads are a great way to reach your audiences without having to rely on your social media follower count. Optimize your copy with keywords that can garner clicks such as “best sushi,” “organic cafe,” “free drink with a meal,” “Chinese restaurant,” etc.

  • Call-to-action: Make sure to direct your audience with direct CTAs like “Book Now,” “Order Online Now,” or “View Menu”.

  • Length: For Google, your headline can be up to 30 characters only, and your descriptions up to 90 characters. For Facebook, your headlines can only run up to 27 characters, while its text can be up to 125 characters.

Write copies in just minutes with AI

Technology is unceasingly revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Get the most out of AI to strategize your advertising efforts using these tips and watch how personalized and engaging content can drive traffic and sales. Try out this sample prompt below on the AI writing tools we mentioned above!

Sample prompt for social post captions

“Generate a Facebook post for a restaurant launching a new dish. The restaurant is called Pie In The Sky and is known for its delicious and vast selections of pies ranging from Classic Blueberry Pie to Veal Shepherd’s Pie. The restaurant is launching a new pie called Chocolate Truffle Pie, a rich dessert pie that combines dark Belgian chocolate with macadamia and hazelnuts. This post should have a friendly and inviting tone that can persuade users to pre-order their share. The contact number for the restaurant is 012345678 and the website is Include the hashtags #PieInTheSky #Foodie.”

AI-generated Facebook post: 

Hey there, all you #Foodie friends! We’ve got some delightful news straight from the Pie In The Sky kitchen! 🎉🍫 Say hello to our newest creation: the mouthwatering Chocolate Truffle Pie! 😍🍽️

Indulge your taste buds with this heavenly combination of dark Belgian chocolate, crunchy macadamia nuts, and luscious hazelnuts, all embraced by our flaky, golden crust! 🍫🌰✨ It’s a truly rich and decadent dessert that’s sure to take you on a scrumptious journey to pie paradise! 🏞️🥧

📢 PRE-ORDER NOW to secure your slice of bliss! Call us at 012345678 or visit our website to place your order today. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this irresistible delight! 📞💻

Bring your friends, family, and all the pie lovers you know to Pie In The Sky, and let’s celebrate the joy of indulgence together! 🥳🍰❤️ Treat yourself, or surprise someone special with a slice of pure happiness.

Tag your fellow food enthusiasts and spread the word! Let’s make this launch one for the books! 📣🥳 #PieInTheSky #Foodie

See you soon at Pie In The Sky! 🏠🥧😋