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How Brands Can Adapt To Changing Consumer Behaviours

Jun 16, 2023

How Brands Can Adapt To Changing Consumer Behaviours

The Mintel 2022 Global Consumer Trends Research has recognised changing consumer shifts and shared predictions on how brands can keep up with these upcoming evolutions. 

Heng Hong Tan, Mintel Food & Drink Analyst, APAC, said “Today, consumers want more control over their wellbeing. More than half of consumers in the Philippines (61%), Thailand (56%) and Vietnam (64%) say that they check product labels (e.g. ingredients, nutrition) when shopping for food or drink. Food and drink brands have the complex task of conveying clear and reliable guidance so that a product will meet consumers’ health priorities. They can empower consumers to make the right health choice by giving clear on pack detail linked to dietary requirements.”

In addition to well-being, Mintel Global Consumer research shows that consumers in Indonesia (83%), Malaysia (65%) and Singapore (66%) agree that brands should show their impact on the environment on food or drink labels (e.g. carbon footprint, Eco-Score).

“Consumers will expect more transparency about a brand’s climate-friendly and ethical commitments. Brands can win trust with third-party verification or measurements via rating systems which, in turn, can also help consumers make informed choices,” said Tan.

Due to the pandemic, the consumers have shifted from retail to online shopping. Mintel Analyst highlighted that blending the best of physical and online spaces will be key in creating spaces for brands to interact with consumers going forward. 

“We will see retailers redefining their approaches to space and selling to accommodate a more diverse consumer base, facilitate deeper consumer-to-brand connections and unite those that share common passions in both physical and online environments. As technology becomes more advanced, these blended worlds will coexist more seamlessly,” concluded Tan. 

Source: Mintel 2022 Global Consumer Trends Research