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Best Drinks In Singapore For A Sunny Weather

Jun 19, 2023

Best Drinks In Singapore For A Sunny Weather

Nothing beats the heat than a glass of ice-cold drink. If you’re at Singapore or just visiting as a tourist, here’s our list of Top 5 must-try drinks in Singapore to stay refreshed throughout the day:

Liho tall avocado blened drink

LIHO – Golden Avocado Milk 

A famous drink brand that serves exciting flavours such as Pandan Avocado, Singa-Pandan Shake, Kaya Toast Milk Green Tea and more. The Golden Avocado Milk is said to be creamy with hint of sweetness from Gula Melaka.

Sugarcane over ice in a glass


This tropical treat is the quintessential drink that cools down the body while offering you instant energy to get you through the day.

Fruce chilled avocado drink

Fruce – Avocado Series

The smooth, creamy texture of avocados make for a perfect partner to pair with other drink ingredients. If you’re a fan of caffeine, the Coffee Grande Avocado is aptly balanced with bitterness from coffee and slight sweetness from avocado. Other flavours include Avocado Coconut and Avocado D24 Durian for those who are a tad bit adventurous.

variety of juices on ice

Daily Juice

Perfect for health enthusiasts, Daily Juice offers a selection of refreshing, guilt-free juices and smoothies that bring a nice vitamin kick to get past the afternoon slump.

Venture coffee drinks

Venture Drive Coffee

They serve single-origin coffees in a minimalist setting. You can’t go wrong with the popular Iced Black coffee.