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Why Viral Sauces Are Taking Over The Internet And Restaurants

Jun 16, 2023

Why Viral Sauces Are Taking Over The Internet And Restaurants

If you’re on TikTok frequently enough, you’d probably be familiar with the Pink Sauce that went viral sometime last year. The vibrant, peculiar sauce was invented by Florida-based Chef Pii, and its TikTok posts garnered over 670 million views with the hashtag #pinksauce. Today, the Pink Sauce is being sold at Walmart for 20 US dollars per bottle.

For a sauce that has a rather strange combination to it—dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, honey, chili, and garlic—it’s clear that the role of social media and virality plays a huge part in its success. While you may not be able to develop your own sauce that is neon enough for it to be an internet sensation, here’s how you can use social media’s power to market your next great food invention.

Understand the Gen Z market

This particular generation of people is constantly on the lookout for unique culinary experiences. According to a study, 51% of Gen Z consumers will try a new food solely because it sounds exciting, and 47% tried a new food item at a restaurant which is relatively higher than Gen X or Boomers. Develop sauces that combine exciting, new flavors and you’ll notice that it’s a more cost-effective way to upgrade your existing menu items for your younger diners.

Take it to the ‘gram

While fine restaurant goers prioritize dish presentation to fulfill the belief that “you eat with your eyes”, Gen Z and Millennials like to let their “phone eat first”.

With social media’s hype for new restaurants or food inventions, making your dishes look photogenic is essential. In fact, Millennial and Gen Z TikTok users visited and traveled longer to visit a restaurant after seeing it on the platform. They also love posting photos and videos, so take that into consideration as well.

Keep track of food trends

Creative variations of chicken sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and flatbread sandwiches are constantly dominating the list of trending food this year. To jump into the wagon, you can simply create your own twist to your dishes with a special sauce or condiment. It should be imaginative, unexpected, and unique. Our Frozen Avocados are perfect for you to experiment with new recipes, such as Avocado Sour Cream, Avocado Wasabi, and more.