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What Do Consumers Expect From Food Delivery?

Jun 20, 2023

What Do Consumers Expect From Food Delivery?

To most consumers nowadays, it’s simply frustrating when their favorite restaurant isn’t found on food delivery apps. Since the pandemic, consumers are becoming more affixed to the idea of staying in and ordering takeouts from the comfort of their own beds. This is where restaurants take should take advantage and begin leveraging online deliveries—because who doesn’t like good food delivered to their doorstep? 

However, meeting consumer standards can be a challenge as they apply extensively—from the ingredients and kitchen operations to marketing and delivery services. In this post, we discover what consumers are expecting from delivery services. 

Delivery for all age groups

Not long before the pandemic—and according to an industry study conducted by Nextbite—, food delivery was mostly used by consumers aged between 18-34 years old. Sure enough, this age group would find that the speed and convenience of delivery mobile apps align with their busy lifestyles. 

After the pandemic, food delivery became more than just convenience—it became a measure of safety. Because of that, it’s now widely accepted and used by all ages. Plus, for the majority of its users, it has become a normal part of life hence why delivery options must be appealing to a broader base. 

Speed and quality

Consumers find speed, variety, and proven quality important when it comes to choosing where to order food from. Plus, they are more likely to order from a restaurant they have tried or been to.

There’s a way around this, though. Putting your entire menu in a takeaway box isn’t always a good idea, especially when some food just doesn’t taste as good after being in the long haul. Instead, add or curate new, delivery-only menu items. Specialized menu items should be craveable and optimized to survive transport. 

Tip: Fries are incredibly important to keep your digital customers. They may seem easy to deal with but receiving soggy and limp fries can be a huge turn-off. Find out how you can ensure your fries arrive crisp, every time here.

Finding customers

There are numerous food delivery apps today but only a few are actually reliable and being used by consumers. Based on the same study, the average consumer uses two delivery apps—which means a restaurant should ideally be listed on both platforms to maximize orders and find customers. 

While being on multiple platforms is essential, standing out among the many, many, other restaurants is also key. Come up with creative visuals, excellent food photography, content, and promotions to draw in customers.  


Like speed and quality, food variety is sought after when selecting a restaurant to order from. Some factors in variety can be cuisine types–global flavors and dietary-related like vegan and gluten-free dishes. Having variety can also draw in more newcomers to explore new types of food that their local brick-and-mortar eateries don’t offer. 

Eye-catching promotions and deals

For most of us, it’s hard to reject a ‘Buy One Free One’ promo. Likewise for your customers, having discounts and deals is extremely important when choosing an ideal restaurant. 

There are many ways to offer good deals such as;

  • Free delivery with a minimum purchase;

  • Free food giveaways with new menu items;

  • Bonus add-ons and more.

Efficiently implementing deals and promotions can drive more orders and profit from both newcomers and your regulars.

It’s a good time to look into what the evolving technology can offer to the restaurant industry. More and more savvy consumers are embracing change and there are countless opportunities for businesses to capitalize as they constantly redefine off-premise dining.