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Top 5 Nutrition Myths That You Should Know

Jun 16, 2023

Top 5 Nutrition Myths That You Should Know

There are so many articles spreading misinformation regarding nutrition which are often untrue and lead to a few popular myths. Read on as we reveal the top nutrition myths that some people do believe.

Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day

Since young, you’re told to drink 8 glasses = 240 ml of water each day. That is like half a gallon of water. It’s best to listen to your body as some people do need to drink plain water to supply their body fluid needs, while others can substitute water with fruits and vegetable juice, milk, soda, and even tea. 

Following a healthy eating plan means you can’t eat any of your favourite foods

There are a few tricks of the trade that you can pick up at SimplotSEA and use in your kitchen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the choices of healthy versions of your favourite foods. 

Prioritize buying organic food

The best practice is to not spend your money on organic food – especially in this economy. Organic food is on a pricier side. However you could try a cheaper alternative, which is choosing locally-grown food by local farmers. Some farmers could not afford being certified organic although they follow the same practices. 

Eating late at night

If you’ve had a hectic day and did not have enough time to eat, the statement “I can’t eat after 8pm” isn’t applicable to you. Generally, people do have different schedules and lifestyles but if you find yourself being hungry at 11 pm, you could opt more on the healthier snacks.

Don’t eat ‘junk’ food

People often consider chocolate chips, cookies, and cakes as ‘junk’. You can treat yourself with sugary stuff if you eat according to your healthy eating plan to avoid over-snacking and being out of control of your eating habits. Although being hungry is inevitable, you can snack the right kind of junk food such as dried fruits or nuts.